That Time Jimmy Jackson had his Wallet Stolen

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And how he got it back.

My freshman year I lived in Kerr Drummond. That dorm had a wrestling tournament that my floor (9) came in second. Anyway the OSU wrestling coach Tommy Chesbro came over with some of his wrestlers including Jimmy Jackson. Coach Chesbro had Jimmy ref the lightweight championship match. It was hysterical to see 2 lightweights on the mat with Jackson reffing. The match ended in a pin and Jimmy was down on the mat checking for pin and really being a good ref. I was wondering if when he slapped the mat the lightweights would bounce in the air. He was a good dude.

I hadn’t read the article yet, so I was so confused why there was a PFB article about the Jimmy Jackson who played basketball for Ohio State and then in the NBA. :rofl:

Nice way to remember Jimmy.

Jimmy Jackson was very smart, articulate, reserved (if he did not know you) and funny. I knew him pretty well during his Ok State wrestling days - he enjoyed an “intellectual debate” about most any topic. His premature passing is sad.

p.s. he was in that catagory of elite athletes that “carried themselves” without notable arrogance (but you could just tell he was extremely talented by observing his body language on & off the mat)


I was attending OSU when “big Joe” and “little Joe” were the headliners for all the matches. I also remember JJ holding his opponent off the mat…positioning him for the pin…and then laying him down on the mat in the “pinned” position. For some reason I think the opposing team was Nebraska. Anyone else remember something like that?