The 2021 NFL Draft is Littered With Elite WRs, What Does that Mean for Tylan Wallace?

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Can Tylan (or Chuba) be first-round picks?

Kyle you are the most non believing osu dude ever. He’s a top 5 wr easily.

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I hope so! But I have no idea either way. I’m just showing what other mock drafts had and what Lunt – who understands this stuff a lot more than I do – said.

Okay, Regar was selected in the first round and he didn’t have a good year. Wallace is much better receiver in my opinion. None of the ones you listed in your post are better than him either. Wallace may not go first round, but he will be close. Chuba maybe not, running backs aren’t valued that much anymore. I think he will have a long career

His brother blowing out his knee 3 times and if Tylan makes it through the season and that’s a big if, that alone with his small frame will more than likely put him in the late 2nd round early 3rd. And coming from a school that pretty much just lets him run a fly rout that will hurt his stock also.

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Regar was clocked with legit speed in the 40. I think Wallace’s 40 time at the combine will have a big impact on where he is drafted. If he can get somewhere near the 4.4’s he’ll be a lot higher than many expect now.

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