The Basketball Tournament: Who Are Oklahoma State's 10 Guys?

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And who are the starting five?

Give me Randy Rutherford all day!!!

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If JamesOn doesn’t play what are we doing here. Someone drive to Enid and don’t leave until he’s on the team.

Also @kyleporterCBS not a single reference to Keiton Page (AKA the OG Phil Forte). I’m going to assume that is on accident.

Cobbins will likely be part of the team.

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No mention of Melvin Sanders? I’ve done a little work with him down here in Dallas and he is still in legit shape. Better than his playing days!

DG coached a team last year. Would like to see him as the coach of this team.

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Bryant Reeves is not on your all time team? LOL ok then. Byron Houston should be. So should Richard Dumas. John Lucas. This is an awful all time team list. really bad job here LOL-- Randy Rutherford a no brainer along with Desmond Mason and Adrian Peterson. Lots of bigtime guys. Some of the guys on his all time list are solid players but Keiton page being on an all time list is laughable. He’s a solid player sure but cmon. Same with Forte who was a great shooter but wouldln’t make an all time team unless specialize guy who came off bench for 5 minutes each half. too many studs for that.

This isn’t an all time team. It is a team of current players playing together in a tournament THIS YEAR. So has to be someone to play now.

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Oh ok thanks man. that’s kinda silly but ok. We need to write an article all time team. It could be really loaded. Our Top 10 would be filled with studs. John Starks, Richard Dumas, Big Country, Byron Houston, Tony Allen, Desmond Mason, John Lucas, Randy Rutherford, Adrian Peterson, Marcus Smart.

If you go 5 more could add Doug Gottlieb, Forte, James Anderson, Corey Williams, Brooks Thompson.
5 more Bob Kurland, Jawun Evans, Darwyn Alexander, Markel Brown, .

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Do what?