The Best and the Worst from Oklahoma State's Week 1 Win over Missouri State

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Best grab, worst play call and other superlatives from OSU’s win over Missouri State.

Wow, did Illingworth ever take a brutal hit after he found Tay in the end zone. It looked like he was on the receiving end of double leg take down in wrestling as he was smashed to the ground.

I don’t mind throwing the ball if they are loading up on the run, should have connected on the short throw but why throw a long route with lower percentage chance of a reception?

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Malcolm Rodriguez is a STUD! Best tackler on the team, always seems to have a nose for where the play’s going. We’re lucky to have him. Said what I wanted to say about the inept offensive line and lack of a running game and Gumby. Sad to learn about Ford’s injury and the others…

That’s on Mike. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: