The Best from Social Media after OSU's Shutout Win over Texas Tech

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#OSUTwitter is still buzzing after the Texas Tech win.

Alot of people having fun

Tech football Twitter page banned me for calling out their fans for complaining about penalties, and pointing out that eventually penalties happen when your fans keep throwing crap on the field.


Yeah totally classless move by their fans.


Be nice if they banned you on here


Dnt for get ar1 aka jug. At least Joey can say nice things about osu

There is a distinct difference between trolling and truth. Everything I’ve talked about on here has either been truth or a topic could be pushed with either argument.

You can’t ban someone for talking about OSU football and what needs to be improved. If you ban someone for that then you’re no better than a Tech or Georgia fan. It’s okay to put the orange shades on the table every once in a while and look at things objectively.

Yes it is you should try it

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I have!! I said the offense has depth, disciplinary, and coaching issues on offense. Everybody else wants to ignore it. Go ahead though!!! If we lose bedlam 24-16 make sure to save this comment and post it for everyone to see.

I never mentioned anything about the ou game this week. Idk why that was brought up. The fact of the matter is you said we would never play in a conference championship game. You were wrong. Your obsession with the university of Oklahoma has nothing to do with what I said

I already admitted it. However, if not for Knowles and his defensive schemes and personnel Gundy wouldn’t be close to playing for one this season.

Lol anything to take a jab at Gundy :man_facepalming:. Never fails.

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All the 3 stars making up one of the best defenses in the country. I didn’t think that was possible

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It’s possible if you have a coach that’s worth the money.

And who was it who hired our DC?

:lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face::lying_face: u admit nothing
I will have to say u got balls. I have never meet a person who will double down on delusional ideas.

Here are some of the weird things u have said.
Indiana coach is good. ( based on a ok season)
Tulane is a good team.( based on a close game with ou). These 2 teams have 2 wins.

U have latched on to Knowles like he is ur own. Even back since last year I have talked about gundy has his best coaching staff. It shows by wins and recruiting.
The way we still can over come issues. Dunn and dickey have had major injuries but still a top 3 team in big 12 scoring. Knowles has taking the most experienced group and done what should be done. I dnt care what this freshman qb did against other defense. That’s the point where facing average teams being lead by backup freshman qb. I’m not say the ou game will be different. Williams is still a freshman on a team with a bad oline.
Reality has never fazed u. I like this defense and Knowles. But, imagine this d playing between 2011 and 2018, with out super seniors. A complete different thing.
Recruiting we have 6 4star on offense coming in. This is one thing u wanted but u never admitted great job gundy. Ignore the problems of having a problem with a really small class. And happy Knowles gets 3 stars and walkons is completely amazing.
Let’s point out some other things u have always wanted. Since 2010 we 12 bowls, 12 winning seasons, 7 10 wins seasons and this is where it gets better. U want a title game every 3 years. In 12 years we have been 2nd or better 4 times. That my friend is 1 every 3 years.
I hope u think this is a ramble because this is ur train of thought.
Ur one and only argument that holds a lil water is bedlam. When we win bedlam it will put us back to the average pre gundy. I name a ton if bad rivalries. So it’s not as big as u make it out to be.
Coaches. Ur always going on about any coach is better then gundy.
Campbell had the most experienced team with a massive break down. Last week he said it’s not about championship but how u feel about ur job.
Riley may not find his way into the title game being perseason natty favorite. And a heisman qb.
U like to talk what other coach do great but when told what they recalling do u ignore it.
Have fun Joey I will spend less time talking with u. It’s not as funny as it was.

Really? That’s not you’ve said in the past. Always changing your narrative as long as you can bash Gundy

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My biggest question is if knowles Is so great and Gundy is so terrible then why has knowles only had one head coaching gig at Cornell? With a losing record to boot
*at almost 60 years old

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I know. Don’t know how many delusional fans I’ve ran into that think Gundy could beat OU twice in one season.

Why won’t Gundy take another job that would pay him more money? I think we all know the answer.