The Big 12 Narratives Need to Stop

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The Big 12 doesn’t tackle?

The big 12 is a good league this year. Osu in particular has changed it offense (which seems to play to our strengths…nice change) osu also is playing much better defense in Knowles second season. I think our record is better than what we thought it would be if we have an honest take. The tech loss was devastating BUT they just kicked out added and were more ready to play. I think the Texas game was a 50/50 game and Texas has go e downhill after we hurt all there starters. The big 12 as a conference is making more money than they were before realignment but we have to get rid of this ESPN+ CONTRACT because the nation is not buying into it. I would be okay with going full fox network if that was an option. Until Disney decides that we need an 8 team playoff the big 12 and the pac12 are going to be sure notes. Case a endpoints going to be if Baylor wins the big 12 and doesn’t get into the cfp because we all know that if ou wins they will get in

I think it’s pretty clear that the offenses aren’t as good this year. Defense does seem to be better though. Also, I think the conference is more balanced this year. Better at the bottom than it has been in years, but not as good at the top either.

Nothing will change until the B12 forces it by winning the NC. Problem is the left and right coast writers (and more importantly, viewers) don’t care about the midwest. They will rationalize the teams that bring viewers/money however they can. It’s big business.