The Five Best Moments of the Les Miles Era at OSU

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A lot of great Bedlam memories.

Probably my favorite OSU coach to date. Loved how he motivated the team to play with no FEAR and had a “play to win” mentality instead of a “play not to lose” mentality.


Actually, that 38-28 Bedlam win wasn’t as thrilling as the score would indicate. At one point, we were up 35-6. I was at the game and by the time OU started to make its “comeback”, the feeling in the stadium was that it was the over and the celebration was underway.

When OSU went up 35-6, it was like “pinch me” am I dreaming?

Is there anything better than the stare after he says “let 'er rip”

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It’s like I’m at a bar when a guy has a fight wife his wife, gets drunk remember good things about his ex. Miles my not win a game at ku this season. I like miles he is funny. But he never walked on water. U guys on r always on and on about Gundy recruiting and his age. Miles is spending his time on the juco tour and he is old. U guys and say oh that’s ku, we seen him recruit for us too.

Les Miles beat OU twice in his 4 years at OSU and was a missed field goal away from taking OU to overtime in his last season (The same year they went to the National Title game).

I might add he did that with less talented recruits than what Gundy has been recruiting over the past decade. He also didn’t have the same state of the art facilities at that time as well.

Miles was a motivator and got the very best out of what he had to work with on his team. Gundy handicaps his talent that he does have and uses them as decoys (See Tyreek Hill).

Give Les Miles the recruits and facilities Gundy has currently at his disposal and Miles is probably beating OU more and winning more than one conference title.


Joey u make me smile. Oh I guess he had to much talent at Lsu. Getting fired is one thing but before ur 5th game. If he is the great one then should be great at ku. To me ku would easy to recruit 100,000 great nite life 30 mins from kc. Oh. And have been getting new facilities. I know u hate Gundy but don’t say miles walks on water. Hey next week when ku wins u say told u so. One min. U guys want recruit but it’s fine to go 7 or 8 wins with no recruit if ur miles. Gundy’s to old but miles is older. Get real guys u hard Gundy because his hair he dances and so his body off. Lol like i said u make me smile. Look if u want ou wins why don’t we be Simmons back he had 2 and recruit for miles.

The win over Nebraska deserves to be on this list.

Simmons coached at a time OU sucked and had a high school coach as their HC. Les Miles won a National title and made two national title appearances. Sometimes it’s not easy to get a decent head coaching gig after being let go from a big time program.

Rich Rodriguez left WV and went to Michigan. He failed while he was there. He didn’t have a problem going to Arizona then and beating Mike Gundy by three touchdowns though.

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Joe u hate Gundy nothing he will is good enough. But don’t confuse the issues. Osu has bad luck with ou. If miles is a good coach he will get ku up. It’s been none at ku before. They would play ksu to find out who would get a win. Then Mason and the fat guy had a good run. Both were forced out. Ksu northwestern baylor all were bad programs turn good. Don’t say miles did Simmons did take the to a bowl just a few yrs. Before . And was a good bowl and Simmons players. If miles is a great coach then he will win. If does I’ll eat crow, but sure I’m safe. Talk about real things not unicorns and fairy or in this case Alice in wonderland. U know why Gundy’s not let Shane throw it around it’s because of that Arizona game when he let lunt. Anyway Rodriguez does help ur case he lost the next yr. Is he coach. One of the ou coaches ur talk about during those bad yrs had a national title under his belt. I don’t follow ou at all so didn’t know about his coach. Briles, lynch the fat guy all were high school coaches. I don’t like every play Gundy does but I’m in reality.

Speaking of miles the reasons he was fired 1st they do he lost control and was going to have a losing season 2 nd he could beat their rival Alabama. Ur only is miles won a couple of games. U take besides Gundy the other coaches with the best teams lookabaugh Jones and Johnson, in 27 yrs they had 2 wins. I want beat ou but it’s a curse

He wasn’t going to have a losing season. He was 2-2 but when fired had a better record at LSU than Bob Stoops at OU. I think the main reason for his firing was his inability to beat Alabama and win the conference. That’s something OSU has given up on (beating your rival and winning the conference) with Gundy. Some schools want to be the best and some schools are fine with being in the top half of the conference.

Miles won a national championship. I feel very confident had he stayed he’d have more than one big 12 title in Stillwater. To me he’s the 2nd best coach ever at OSU (at least in my lifetime) which is ahead of where i’d put Gundy. Miles wasn’t gonna play second fiddle to anyone, especially ou. Big fan of that guy.

Those players were bad miles left us with. Fact at no point in time has osu had better record. Like I said if miles makes ku a winner then u guys mite have something. But not start ur sentence with I think or could. The whole is u like miles that doesn’t mean he is good coach. He used Simmons seniors to have his best yr. And left nothing. If miles win Saturday I’ll be the first to admit. Osu could go 2 and 8. Ku could not win. Which will happen. This going to be Gundy’s most challenging yr. And stop bring up natty’s it was at osu. He got fired not forced to resign. In mid season good coach don’t ever get that.i can’t remember who he lost but it was bad and they were worried he would have a losing team. U to worried about what its. Fact miles like Johnson used osu. What if we win a natty on one hand or a pile on the other.

He lost to Wisconsin 14-16 and Auburn 13-18. The team went 8-4 that year and beat 3 ranked teams.
As far as left nothing, Donovan Woods, Ricky Price, D’Juan Woods, Brandon Pettigrew, Charlie Johnson, Jamie Thompson that were on the team the next year and played in the NFL


Your going to try and compare Probation Pat to Les Miles? Miles has just as many wins against OU as Pat Jones and Mike Gundy combined. Didn’t take Miles 25 years to get two victories against OU.

So we’re going to play the “What If!!” Game? The truth of the matter is Gundy had his chance to win a national title, but decided losing to Iowa State was needed. The other truth here is the key to winning a national title requires the team to win their conference (most of the time) and make an appearance in the CFP.

The problem we have here is Gundy hasn’t done that and more than likely won’t do that. Reason being is his inability to beat OU. OU can’t even make it to the national title game any longer. So what exactly makes you think Gundy is going to beat OU, win the conference, and win two games in the CFP? The most likely scenario is OSU going 8-4 or 9-3 every season the rest of his career with a 3rd place finish or lower.

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t anything I’ve seen from Gundy since 2011 to convince me that he’s going to take OSU to that promised land.

I’m really lost who beat Wisconsin. And Auburn and went 8-4 if ur talk les miles last yr. He coached them a 2-2 record and was fired. Like I said miles wins Saturday or at all this yr I will tell ever one I know he is the best coach osu ever ever had. Do me the same when he loses 10 games this yr u tell ever he couldn’t coach a girls jr. High volleyball team. That should solve it.

Dude…You could throw Nick Saban in at Kansas and he would probably go 0-10 in his second year there.