The Four 'NFL Guys' on OSU's Defense

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After taking a look at the pros on offense, I now switch to the other side of the ball.

A couple of takes here…

1.) I think you left off at least one other pro. The dude that immediately comes to mind is Tre Sterling. He is a good cover safety, but plays the run exceptionally well with a certain physicality. He is young, with great size and speed. I think he will continue to blossom, and end up playing professionally.

2.) I think Rodarius Williams is an under-achiever and will not make a NFL roster. If he gets drafted he will be a late round pick, and will struggle making a roster. Just my opinion. He struggles against any solid receiver, and continually gets picked on. I get he was the lesser of two evils when it came to either attacking AJ Green or him, but still. He got burned a lot, and it glaring mistakes.

Good stuff! I did note Tre in the intro paragraph, but agreed, he’s a solid player.

I’m amazed by the impact Ford had as a true freshman with only a couple of months under coach Glass. I can’t wait to see his physical development after an entire offseason in the Glass factory.

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Dustin thank you for for the work. I enjoyed reading it. Who do you see as fringe NFL guys on the roster for defense? (If any)

What about Calvin Bundage? assuming he will be healthy to play in 2020.

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