The Glitch Support Thread

Howdy, everyone! Sounds like this is all on mobile devices. The desktop version uses a different menu than the mobile version. I will make adjustments!


Yeah my mobile has been rough the past couple of days.


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On Mobile mine just seems to have a very small margin of error for hitting the “+” icon on the right. If I miss, it takes me to the subscribe page, if not then it gives me the drop down with forum link. :person_shrugging:t2:

Until fixed, another cheat for those having trouble finding the Chamber icon is to click on any PFB article, scroll to the bottom and click “comments”. It will automatically take to you the Chamber. Once inside the Chamber, you don’t necessarily have to post a comment on that article. You can then navigate to all the other threads per usual.

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@marshall this is a new one


Anyone else having issues with the Pistols Firing Podcast on Spotify?

@marshall my PFB+ annual sub correctly automatically renewed at the 2023 Fall Camp rate - thank you so much!

However, I wanted to let you know you may want to check on your auto reply “Welcome to PFB” message. After it auto-renewed, I got a copy of the really old Welcome to PFB message from Kyle Porter that lists him as the publisher and had his personal Gmail address , etc. Here is a copied portion:


This is Kyle Porter, publisher of Pistols Firing. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you subscribing to PFB.

Some of you have been around since the beginning. Others are new to everything around here. I put together a short PFB roadmap of sorts below to help guide you, including links to our free forum (which you are now registered to comment on), the Daily Bullets and our podcasts.

If you have any questions, please email me at ….”

Ya know, that’s something I’ve never even thought of I don’t think


@Spruce - This has been fixed! Spotify decided to delist the podcast after some policy updates. We now adhere to their policies and changes. You can find the new podcast here: Pistols Firing | Podcast on Spotify


I have added 'The Chamber" to the flyout menu! It’s not an icon like the desktop menu, but it fits the design of the mobile menu.


Thank you!!

@JonHodge - you probably caught the website right in the middle of it’s security certificate updates. It also looks like the interface of your browser is slightly behind the latest updates (just guessing). It might be good to run some updates to get the newest certificate authority files on your phone.

To be sure, I’ve checked across multiple devices and multiple browser types and could not replicate the issues. I think this one is all good. DM me if it keeps presenting that way after you run updates.

I have the latest Apple iPhone software and never got that message when using Safari so I think you are good.

Yeah I updated yesterday morning and it only happened the one time and not since

So I am logged in to my account on both my phone and PC. Yet I am still getting slow ads loading and have been for quite a while. I assumed it was part of the big issue from a couple of weeks ago. But nobody else is talking about it. Is this still a broad issue for PFB+ members? @MiggityMac

I have been getting slow ads when I log onto the homepage when I’m on my PC. They disappear when I click onto the Chamber, but they come back when I try to read one of the articles.

Podcast is not showing up on google podcast or spotify

adds are now on my desktop version and i cant even get the page to load on my mobile. @MiggityMac

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@OKSTATE37 - Try this link. Spotify updated their terms of service and delisted the podcast until we fixed it. Pistols Firing | Podcast on Spotify

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My ads are back

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