The Key to Spencer Sanders' Developmental Progression at QB for OSU

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Sanders could finally be primed for a breakout in Year 3 as the starter.

I heard a bunch of bs like this last fall. Hope he gets it going.

I don’t judge Sanders by his play last season because he had the misfortune to have a poor offensive line due to injuries. That would hinder the performance of any QB. The way you get Sanders to move up a level is by letting Shane Illingworth play in some early games.

Sanders problems weren’t as much as the offensive line as it was his inability to scan the field and hit open receivers. Locking in on 1 receiver and forcing throws have to be corrected or he’ll struggle again. Sanders will be starting his 4rth year in the program, so let’s hope his game has matured.


The oline had its moments ksu and ou games.
But the other games were fairly good. Sanders just never went through his progression.
The hope is the game slows down for him.

Been saying he’s on the brink of a breakout season ever since he stepped on campus. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Quarterbacks never develop under Gundy.

Thats funny mason early on need Walsh to help him score in the 20 by the end he was driving the bus himself.
No matter what u say about corndog. He came in as a 2 star walkon. Top 5 yards pass in the nation and for single year at osu. Tied Barry Sanders for tds in a season. Lead top 15 offense.
If Sanders does have a great year then that be another
No matter what u think but put weedon into an offense he could run well.
The kid out of Enid grow in the program as a low 3 star.
What gundy hasn’t developed is curing idiots

You really need a running quarterback when you have Chris Carson in the backfield. That was just to keep from hurting Walsh feelings. Mason never made any true improvement which is why he went in the 3rd round and why Pittsburgh still doesn’t want to depend on him as a starter.
The only quarterback to improve during Gundy’s career is Weedon and that was only in his foot work.

Chris was hurt half the time here go look at Walsh #'s he was effective.
Well if u dnt believe me thats find about the other but a 2 star walkon is hard to over look.
I still proved my point u said weedon I just need one


You’ll need to get Monken back to see any improvement.

97 th defense

Yet that great offense couldn’t win against 3rd string quarterbacks.

Ok like usual ur ignore everything u want to make a pathetic point

Weeden* and tell me how Rudolph didn’t improve please

What he is saying if ur not a high draft then u didn’t improve.

His completion percentage went up every year, yards went up every year, and touchdowns went up every year I’d say he improved every single year and he’s made about 3 million in the nfl so far I’d say he’s doing alright

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Ur preaching to the choir

U got to understand ar0 he is a wannabe know it all. If he can’t win he just throws things out there, to see if they stick.

Even with i think the worst oc gundy has had gundy got a 2 star to throw for 4000 yards and 13th rank offense. Didn’t need monken.