The Removal of ‘Murray’ from OSU Buildings Is Not Only Justified, It’s Long Overdue

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OSU will remove “Murray” from two of the school’s academic buildings.

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We care now guys, we care ! SEE?

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I had no idea, wow.

“I didn’t personally vote for Murray, so I don’t see how this is my problem” - jeff16 probably…

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They’re rewriting history, as he stated it’s reminder of the past. You take names and people out of history books and people forget what they did and what they stood for. Then you open the door for the same thing to happen again. Maybe instead of rewriting history to the way we want it to be we should educate people on the way it was so future generations can see the right and wrong of the past and learn from it. Not saying I agree with racism that’s undoubtedly wrong, but as a society we are erasing a lot of history in today’s times, that’s a dangerous game.


Anybody else want to dig deeper in to history and wipe that out too! Let’s see what else we can get rid of and trash! Heal yea let’s make this our world in 2020 and get rid of all religion because I don’t believe in god and let’s defund the police department except the one that saved my sisters life that day! And let’s get rid of anything that we can protect our selves and our family’s “GUNS” Since we run most of the networks and tv in general, let’s post as much white on black crime we can find and run it and we will fund BLM to go to these sites and protest and raise a fuss. While we make it out like a racist war Is going on and it’s all trumps fault and we will make it sound like he wears a white hood to work every day. The Republicans will look so bad and we will get the minority vote to get In office!!! It’s that simple guys! Wake up!!!

I’m not defending Murray or anything like that. In fact I had no idea he was a bad person. I do think that overall tearing down statues, renaming things, etc is a huge slippery slope. This type of activity just plays into the hands of those folks who want to destroy this country, you will find out that the threat is real if you take time to research it a little.


I know and it’s time Americans wake the —-up!!!

Isn’t this a sports blog?

Yea but no sports going on William3

Just politics running this here thing called life right now.

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It’s supposed to be, but they’re trying to make our sports political so they can get their agenda out to a wider audience.

Hey man!!! If you guys want to turn a sports blog into a political forum then let’s talk about it!!! We have people seeking “change” that want to voice their opinions. I’ll go ahead and voice the facts to them they desperately don’t WANT to hear but NEED to hear.

Great stuff @KyleCox. I really enjoy long(er)form articles like this on PFB.


Dang man, you convinced me. Why don’t we rename Murray Hall to Hitler Hall. I mean, after all, if we don’t put his name up everywhere, we’ll surely forget it.

Actually nevermind, I forgot for a minute that there was a thing called books and that they actually give context to the racists you cherish so dearly…


When are we gonna remove Kyle Boone from PFB? He offends all of us


If you forget Hitler you forget the genocide that he committed that racist groups such as the KKK and BLM are bound to continue or repeat. We don’t want good and decent people forgetting about evil.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer).

During this period of phase transition that the Earth is going through we are witnessing a rise in consciousness of some people while also seeing those people who want to remain at their current level of consciousness. There is a bigger picture to be seen. This is not about history. This is about entering a higher state of collective consciousness and reworking outdated ways of functioning based on ego and ignorance instead of higher consciousness. It transcends politics.


Did you seriously just compare BLM to the KKK?!

You are if the same ilk that want to remove confederate statues oh wait Columbus oh wait Jefferson oh wait Washington oh wait Ulysses oh wait FDR oh wait Teddy Roosevelt oh wait white Jesus. Just a bunch of brown shirts only this time the people in them are black and white millennials with no idea of history no idea of real life and no idea of the results that their ignorance will manifest.
This is no longer a sports rag this is a political tool run by feminine men who grew up being coddled by women and weak fathers. Done with this crap. Bye this will be my last post and my last reading of your pitiful excuse for an OSU sports online magazine.

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