The Rundown: Everything Mike Boynton Said after OSU's Loss to Southern Illinois

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Hear from the Cowboys’ coach after Thursday’s loss.

My excitement for basketball was crushed even faster than my excitement for football. It’s hard being an OSU fan.

Just waiting for the buyout price to drop.

Only for a guy that is only happy with titles.

Its not great for normal people but we sleep at nite

Right now I would settle for a coach that has a winning record in conference play. Boynton is under .500 in his career in conference play. And he just got beat by a cupcake non-conference team. Boynton is a horrible coach.

If being an OSU fan is too difficult, you could always not be an OSU fan and go away.


Gonna hafta bust a zone on Sunday. I would love to see Boone-Newton-Anderson-Thompson-Wright on the floor to start.


Good grief. I just looked at the SIU box score. Newton didn’t even get into the game. Is he hurt?

He is arguably our best 3-pt threat…how does he not enter the game?

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Boone only took 3 shots

They said on the broadcast his dad died on like Monday or Tuesday so he’s home.

Because he sucks. He should have left with his twin and Ice

Wow. Racist.

He was probably hired because of his charisma. Everyone likes the guy. That’s why he recruits well. All of the athletic department likes him. Holder was the same. He’s got a winning personality (he just doesn’t personally win), he seems to really care about things and have a lot of passion. Holder should’ve never hired him, and ill-conceived diversity hires do exist, but don’t jump to race at the word go.


He’s had 4 years. Yes, he has charisma, but that doesn’t win games. He sucks as a coach. Doesn’t mater jf they have Cade Cunningham if they can’t win. Which, he even sucked with Cunningham at osu. The experiment is over. He sucks. Let him go to another college and recruit without winning.

We all know what is going on with boynton. I dnt think anybody wants him to stay. But, you showing your an ess is only on you.
He has no true offense plan.

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@jake4 Agree, Boynton has done a lot of things right but has failed so far at developing a winning program which is job 1. So he should be on the hot seat also agree with your take on @firegumby they are the worse kind of human with that kind of comment.

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What is the difference between ford and boynton. I would say eveything where the same except color of there skin.


Maybe so. Still, upgrade.

So say he is not a great choice. Dnt make your self look like a racist idiot.

Im mean im not a fan of his coaching. For the life of me i do not know why he has not installed an offense.

The offense needs to be centered arond Thompson and boone.

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Dude you just agree there was no difference between ford and boynton. That would include experience. Boynton was thought to be a good recruiter. Also, has ties to osu. Thats what got him hired. Those to things.

Ford got hired because of being a good recruiter and ties to a great coach.

Both had no experience. Listen to urself. Is there anything your nor not a moron about.

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They were trying to keep continuity? He’s probably also a really great interview. Yes, he wasn’t qualified, but unqualified people get jobs for reasons other than race. Did Holder hire a lot of minorities just for appearance? You’re the only person making this about race.