The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said after Oklahoma State's Loss to TCU

Originally published at: The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said after Oklahoma State's Loss to TCU | Pistols Firing

Hear from OSU’s coach after Saturday’s loss.

We got Dunned aging. Seems like gundy agrees.

We got gundied. Gundy would get conservative with a lead long before Dunn. When we weren’t challenging downfield, content to run on first down as expected, THAT WAS GUNDY already doing his go to move of sitting on a lead… in the SECOND QUARTER!! Gundy got us here, but when it is time to ball , our head coach needs to be vesticular instead of becoming vaginal because of a lead. jmho…

Undisciplined defense, Gundy’s huevos in his wife’s purse… We are too good to be this bad.

GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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I disagree with him about what he said that they were not trying being conservative chewing clock in the 3rd quarter. That’s something you do when you have 3-4 touchdown lead in the after the middle of the 3rd qt. Mason needs to play a lot less zone defense. You can see the miscommunication with it on the field pre snap and when guys are wide open.

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Gundy has always put his huevos away with marginal leads and just plays not to get beaten, then does. He is our HC and proud of most of what he has accomplished. But, our only chance of taking the next step is an aggressive OC with autonomy.

I would have much preferred to go for two after our touchdown in the first overtime. Win or lose there and then. They scored with ease. We had to convert a fourth down. Our suspect defense had been overworked. Go for two, go for the win… and live with the results. At least we would die putting our boots back on!! Since we took off our spurs before halftime.

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I guess I applaud gundy/dunn for trying to establish the run game against TCU but they went at it way too long. It was clear to see after 6-10 attempts that it absolutely wasn’t going to work. Perhaps a gimpy Sanders forced them to keep trying, who knows. What seems clear is they are going to have to do something different with the run game going forward, different backs, different schemes, something other than what they tried against TCU.

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