The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Pre-West Virginia News Conference

I sure I’m the only one but I don’t see this university striving to to be the best in anything. Especially in sports. Absolutely no desire to have a championship coach in football or basketball.

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@bill18 Well for starters outside of Michigan everyone that they play pretty much sucks. I’m sure that helps with the stats some.


Non conference they played Notre Dame. Their non conference schedule is always night and day tougher than ours.

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I guess it’s good. When you’re not used to winning anything with a lot of merit it seems like a massive accomplishment. The problem is I’ve seen a ten win season or better happen seven times and only once has it provided a conference title and twice an NY6 bowl win. That’s 28.5% of the time when we have a ten win season or better. Sorry, but I think a top 25 program like we claim to be can do slightly better than that.

Also, Gundy beats is rival once every six years (if he’s lucky). That’s a little over a 16.5% success rate. The only times Gundy has beaten his BB rival is when they finished the season without an NY6 bowl appearance or a conference title. Two of his three wins against those teams are with the top two teams he’s ever had in his eighteen year career at OSU so far. Even then he’s done more of his fair share of losing to his rival even when he has the better team (like he did in 2009, 2013, and this season).

Have you ever once thought to yourself these questions:

  1. I wonder who we had as coordinators in the only seasons Gundy has beaten OU and won something of merit?

  2. I wonder how everyone else is beating OU this season except the best football coach in OSU history?

  3. I wonder why our offensive line sucks and we struggle to run the ball (or move it down the field in general)?

If mediocrity is what you desire you don’t have to pay a coach 7.5 mil a year for it. You can bring any decent coach into Stillwater and pay the dude less than 4 mil for 7-8 wins per year. I on the other hand desire more than just beating average to bad teams while still getting pounded by good ones.

Gundy doesn’t like to recruit. He’s trying to keep his same recruiting model without taking into account that the transfer portal will screw him and the program. He doesn’t like going to the transfer portal (which he’s admitted). His OC isn’t an OC. His OL coach can’t find any lineman, and when he does they aren’t any good. So please explain to me why you see the trend going up from here?

Well for starters it’s his first season there. Also, how is that Jim Knowles fault?

@bill18 It’s tOSU for peat sake. It’s not like he had to start from the ground up or something.


So his defensive players should know his schemes and be experts at them before he even concluded season one? OU has proven you can recruit all the talent you want on defense, but it doesn’t work if talent still doesn’t tackle or know what position or place to be at.

They paid him 2.4 million to be the difference in them winning a championship this year You don’t think there is a disparity in the difference in talent there ? Like @bruce4 said the only real team they played was Michigan, that’s why he was hired, to beat their asx He failed miserably, or do you have another conclusion ?

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Are you joy ? Your long winded replies and spelling tell me you’re…. You aren’t supposed to be posting, you lost a bet :blush:
So we have discussed this ad nauseam… Gundy either gets it fixed or he will be gone like anyone else. Maybe he’s worn out with it. I much appreciate him at least getting us to being respected when we play anyone ,
For the forth time time the OL needs fixed, Dickey has run his course. Dunn I can live without, but he’s okay. You mention in another post the goons can get recruits to fix a problem, we don’t have 70 years of cheating and being a BB We aren’t a BB, You are delusional if you think we will recruit like them… Joy

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Do you think being 12th in total defense this season is better than being 51st in total defense last season for Ohio State? They hired Knowles because of what he’s accomplished as a DC throughout his career. Do you see anyone coming to steal Dunn or Dickey from us right now? Knowles wasn’t hired because the lost to Michigan for they first time in nearly a decade. He was hired because Ohio State had problems defensively throughout a season. You’re making assumptions and making things complicated for yourself.

I never said we were a BB, but if we’re going to claim to be a top 25 program how about we stop making excuses for everything and start acting like one?

Check your stats joy, Michigan beat their asx last year too. Even more points scored on them this year. It happens I guess ? You’re comparing apples to oranges now. Just a biotch fest for you joy

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According to statistics and wins we are one I showed you two stats that showed it It is being consistent. You of course want a conference championship every year joy. No one does that
Stop crying about everything

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Yeah for the first time in god knows how many tries. Harbaugh not being able to beat Ohio State was getting almost to the point to where Gundy is against OU.

You guys keep biotching about injuries, but avoid discussing the core issues.

Yea you are the only one jug, we don’t want to be like OU and be close to 2 billion in the hole. Another reason you’re an idiot

The core issue is the OL joy. Period. You shouldn’t be posting joy. You lost a bet Being you’re a new account

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If I’m not mistaken Michigan had lost 9 in a row to them. THATS worse than Gundy joy

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Harbaughs record against Ohio State is about twice as good as Gundy’s against OU.

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So he’s beat them twice in 8 years ? That’s outstanding isn’t it jug :roll_eyes:. All you have is CC and 3-15…. Come up with something original, instead of crying

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Bill your not alone at not able to see the core issues.

You guys take about dana, monkey and knowless like there gods. One thing all three had in common, was they had the most talented groups at osu. None brought any talent in. And left us high and dry.

Knowless was hired to defend Michigan but gave up more points to a less potent offense. Michigan only scored that amount of offense against Rutgers. So 8 other dc with less talent could do better then a 2.4 million dollar knowless.

If injuries are not a key issue your a moron. I laugh everytime you gurls get on here. Not one of you know wjat a good coach looks like. Look what matt has none the last to years. Now dave why more conservative then gundy went 6 and 6. Those are melt downs, with no excuses. Matt had the most talented team ive seen out side of an ou team. Your a joke. Dave place that west coast offense that is guaranteed to average 20 point on a good day.

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