The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said in his Pre-Arizona State News Conference

Originally published at: The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said in his Pre-Arizona State News Conference | Pistols Firing

Gundy talks Arizona State, playoff expansion and more.

I forgot about Anderson. He had some messed up plays.

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“We were very, very mature a year ago at the two linebacker spots and the five safety spots — corner, safeties, whatever you wanna call them, very mature. I mean, we all know that, so. Two of those guys are playing in the pros. One’s playing for Ohio State, one’s playing for LSU, one’s playing for the Washington [Commanders], and the other one’s playing for us. The other one that’s not here was an All American. So, we’re replacing those guys with some guys that don’t have as much experience and that’s really what you run into. So, it’s a simple solution that takes a little bit of time to evolve to it. As coaches, what we need to do is try to find how much we can correct in one week to get ready for the next game on Saturday.”

And that’s why I’ve been saying for the longest time that if you recruit better players at those positions (4 star recruits) you don’t have to worry as much about that problem. Weird how it was our 4 star defensive back ( a RS freshman) that got 11 tackles, a tackle for a loss, and the only turnover of the game :man_shrugging:.

Novel idea. How does that go again. Better recruits give you better players. I think your on something you need to keep that to yourself. We dnt want other schools to find out this secret.

Daniel did good. But the pic was the front 4 presser got that. He was 2 yards from the recievers wasnt even the cover guy. I know he was shocked so im glad he caught it.

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Better tell our HC we are paying 7.5 mil a year to.

Poor joy. You really want to say something smart.

If you could ever stay on topic and stop taking things out of context, you mite one day. Learn some more football.

I know you real a scared lil gurl. You can never take stuff until its over. Then you didnt put yourself out there to be wrong. Young have a serious issue with rite and wrong.

Like your latest deal with sacks. I remember you blow up when i talked about hunter the line man and you assume i meant the other one. I will say your donkey side never lets you correct your errors

I’m not the one desperate here to win an argument when sources have been provided to me proving me wrong.

You have a serious issue of not admitting when you’ve been beaten.

First you told all of us your source was the ncaa rule book. But, it was some yahoo. Second im the one who told you they count sack on rushing. What part do you not get. Its the same deal with you assume the hunter deal. I said you have to take the rush out to evaluate the rusning yards. Only a moron cant understand that.

Last time grow up be an adult. Stop taking things out of context. And best of allstop ASSume

Only after I told you that you were wrong. What part of that don’t you understand?

Be a man and admit you were wrong. Stop being such a hypocrite.

That 4 star missed a lot of tackles

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He didn’t miss as many tackles as our 3 star linebackers and corners did. Kind of hard to cover more ground when you’re having to make up for the lack of communication and coverage by the guys in front of you.

Looks like the old man let the window close on him to win a conference championship last year aging. Micheal is actually trying to say having 3 star guys are better than having 4 star guys lol. This guy and Roberto will die at the steak trying to defend their gundy even if they know they are wrong. It wouldn’t matter if gundy lost every game for the next 2 seasons. They would come up with some wild excuse how gundy can turn it around. You always look like a fool trying to make truth out of a lie Michael/Roberto.


They already aborted the idea of gundy winning a conference title that’s why they don’t talk about it or care to talk about the elephant in the room. All they talk about is winning more games than losing. Non competitive chumps.


I dnt defend gundy i just point to wrong things you yahoos say. You say stupid rumors and joy jumps on a bang wagon of any coach he thinks will do good . Niether of you work out.

You still havent told us how many loses were going to have.

@michael13 is a moron. Don’t worry about his takes. Gundy said 90% of the issues are fixable with experience. What I hear is, we won’t have a good defense until maybe next year, but then Mason will jump the following year so we will start all over again. Baylor is going to destroy OSU. Watching the games this weekend reiterated that we are absolutely in a complete rebuild year. There is no way we will be competitive this year and we definitely won’t make it close to the Big Twelve Championship. I don’t care how well Sanders played. Which, he was solid. I can admit that. But, I didn’t see anything that I was really impressed with. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I’ve put forward the fact that CMU had lost two draft picks from the offensive line, and also lost their top 5 tacklers on defense. I do believe that the defensive line and defensive ends are solid, but I’m taking this victory with a grain of salt.

You can understand, of course, when I mentioned these facts I was absolutely met with opposition by both Harry Dunn and Loyd Christmas (Michael and Roberto). We’re going to find out this upcoming weekend just how close Baylor and OSU are to each other.

I don’t think any of those things really mattered. The fact that we barely got 100 yards rushing, half of it was from Sanders, is super concerning. If they did lose their 5 leading tacklers, then our true running backs should have had no problem slicing through the defense. Which comes back to our O-Line. We are supposed to be a Power 5 offense and our RBs put up 67 yards. PATHETIC!!

Yes your rite we will see how baylor is after playin a notable bad fcs team. Next week will help us see some thing. Because after we win you will point out all the flaws asu has.
I have no idea why you make references to a book since you cant read.

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Top back for baylor did 62 yards. Ksu Martinez didnt pass for more then 60 on 13 completions. B I th playing fcs teams.

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I agree, but I also don’t care how we get the ball down the field as long as it doesn’t end up a loss of yardage or a punt. I agree to the point that if Sanders is struggling passing and he’s not able to run that the established running game will be imperative.

Richardson did have 6.8 yards per carry. I do agree though we need to find another reliable running source if he does go down.