The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said in his Pre-Baylor News Conference

Originally published at: The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said in his Pre-Baylor News Conference | Pistols Firing

On the rematch against Baylor and more.

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Gundy and his coach speak… But in his position, it’s what you have to do. Don’t want to say anything bad or too good about a team that might motivate them. We are playing an experienced QB and it should show.


Sanders may have to run a little more than usual, I’m not fond of that because of injuries. Hopefully our backend plays well and tackles well. No turnovers


“So like Jelani, when he was here, we’re not asking him to go out and run backside post routes. You know, he can iso-block the defensive end.”

And that my friends is why Jelani went to Virginia and then the NFL afterwards. Not because he has stone hands.

I’m fine with it if our offensive line can’t block and our running backs can’t gain any yards. If he’s all we got to get a rush and takes a defensive player’s attention away to allow a man an open gap or space for a catch I’m all for it.

So you want to run the chit out of him risking more of a chance of injury ? That’s a brilliant idea being he’s the most valuable player we have. I say roll him out a lot, he throws well on the run, we have good receivers to get open. Gives him more time to find them A 350 lb man is going to get tired running laterally. I think we out shape them anyway

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Is that what I said? This is what I’m talking about with you. You make assumptions and ask stupid questions. You’re so filled with hating me you can’t bring yourself to think critically or respond appropriately. This is why you’re stuck on a tractor and not making decisions.

I’m saying if Sanders finds himself open for a run to gain yards and move us down the field then so be it. You know what happens when you’re too scared a player might get injured? You limit his capabilities. If you limit the capabilities of a player that might be keeping you in the game you risk a greater chance of losing. If he is your most valuable player why in the hell would you not use his talent to its full potential to get the win? I’m not implying to run him every play, but it’s no doubt that his capability to run has helped us.

This isn’t APB we’re playing against in Stillwater. It’s a top 16 team we’re playing on the road. Elite programs don’t win conference titles by limiting the talent they put on the field. They use it to its strengths and potential. Why do you think Gundy only has one conference title in 17 seasons? Why do you think Stone Hands is in the NFL after one season at Virginia? Where’s your confidence in Gunnar Gundy you’ve had all year?

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Dam you are stupid to assume all that out of my post back to you joy, I said you don’t run him every other play. Pick your spots and take advantage of them. Sanders is seasoned enough to know when to. You on the other hand are filled with enough hate for Gundy you can’t think to pull your head out. As far as I know you aren’t making any decisions yourself. Lighten up joy you bring the criticism on yourself. You post stupid chit !!
You ask why no conference titles, I’ll give you the same with our 100+ year history of sucking.
Baylor isn’t elite joy


You actually read that novel joy wrote. I get headache trying to follow his logic. I just pass it by. Like he would start now writing something real​:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Too much for your brain to comprehend lol. This will be one of gundy’s better wins if he can pull it out and if he looses then it won’t surprise me a bit. Run the hell out of your best player and play fast.

What’s your score in this game?

And get John Paul the BALL!! This kid has been my favorite receivers in a while. Rooting for the kid.

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30 to 21

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And you’re filled with enough orange koolaid that you can’t figure out a coach that’s used to losing conference championships probably won’t win very many more.

The only stupid thing being posted is “Top 10 in wins!!!” when every other team in that list has at least two conference titles.

I didn’t say Baylor was elite, but winning your conference multiple times helps put you on that path. Go ask any football expert how many teams became elite by never winning their conference.

No, you got a headache because it probably took you most of the night to read it.

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Stop Ika! Wish he was playing in the NFL this year. Bad bad boy. I think we win this game I’ll have a better feel for things completely for the rest of the season.


He’s not an experienced QB, though.

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Good ole ignorant Joey boi. The only hatred is from you for Gundy. It makes you blind and ignorant to many indisputable facts. Like the one fact Gundy mentioned twice. Baylor is a 4 hour drive to a ton of top 300 recruits. And where are we? Stillwater Oklahoma, and that has been and always will be the problem. But you’re to stupid to see it. And yes you are stupid.

And old stone hands? I’d be willing to bet there were other issues that neither you or anyone else would know about. I’m just happy the kid is successful, regardless of where he went to.


Joy if you’re still using Briles CC you have no credibility, none at all. Briles was a scumbag that ignored every thug that played for him when they should have been in jail. Gundy at least runs a clean program

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Did you read what each team’s average recruiting ranking is over the last 5 seasons? I’ll repost it for you:

Baylor- 38th

OSU- 34h

Trying to tell me Baylor is good because they don’t get the recruits on their team that are within four hours of them is one of the dumbest comments you guys have made.

You’re right. The issue was our coaching staff didn’t realize he was an NFL TE in the waiting.