The Rundown: Gundy on Dez Jackson, Player Health and TCU

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Gundy said Jackson is the starter as of now.

“Our goal every year is to win the conference championship, and you gotta get there to do that.”

We’ll be waiting until you do (or retire).

Man, the things that come out of our coaches mouth has to make you think that he is just trying to get fired because I don’t understand why any coach would ever say the things he says lol. He said he doesn’t know what the long term effects would be on winning a big 12 championship would do long term…WHAT? He said he dosent know what the NFL looks for in his running back…WHAT? When asked about being good enough to be one dimensional on offense he said we haven’t been good enough to do that for a long time around here and we only have been only two or three years lol…WHAT? I’m sorry but a D-1 college football coach dosent talk this way. He says more and more stuff like this every tim he talks to the media.