The Rundown: Gundy on West Virginia, Chuba and the Rudolph-Garrett Situation

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Gundy talks Chuba’s pro-prospects and Mason Rudolph getting hit with a helmet.

SO, SO love this…
“He’s very powerful. He’s highly intelligent. He has the ability to make a move five yards away from a guy, and he knows how that move ties in with his speed that that guy can’t tackle him. Everybody’s different runners. Barry Sanders will get right in your face and make a move, and you couldn’t touch him. Chuba makes his moves five, six yards away from a guy, and then that guy can’t catch him because he knows how fast he is. Those are the things that make him a special back.”
Just love the Chuba/Barry comps…even though Chuba even has to know he’s not touching Barry’s NUMBERS, he has to know he can reach Barry STATUS! (Especially if he stays another year…) We’re very fortunate to have Chuba…an oSu all-time great!!!