The Rundown: Gundy Says He Thinks There's a 'Good Chance' Hubbard Stays

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OSU’s coach said he is excited for the future, and he thinks No. 30 could be a part of it.

I don’t know why he’d do that unless he just loves the college experience which many of us did. But it better not be for football and playing for Mike cause I don’t think the ship is being steered into better waters as it were…esp seeing what we did last night.

He’s coming back to be 4th in the conference and go to the Cheez-it bowl?

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Gundy’s idea of a good scheme is:

Hand it to the best back in the country for 20+ yards
Ignore him and throw a Hail Mary
Ignore him and throw a Hail Mary
Ignore him and throw a Hail Mary
Punt it for 10 yards.

That basically describes every possession from the start of the 2nd quarter on every time we got the ball the rest of the game. How many go routes did we run? Without question over half of our passes were go routes. And I think only 1 or 2 worked. Finally started throwing normal passes at the end and easily marched down the field, but it was too late. Not sure what he’s talking about when he says great schemes.

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Throwing more than 2 slants or across the middle is not allowed in any one game. I sure hope it’s Gumby who’s controlling the play calling cause if it’s Gleeson he’s much worse than Yurcich and there’s very little innovation to his offense.

“Not sure what he’s talking about” might summarize your whole comment.

You’re stepdaddy or whoever from the Comments section, aren’t you?