The Rundown: Gundy Talks Depth, Rubik's Cubes and the Transfer Portal

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OSU’s offense is like a Rubik’s Cube.

I’m all in. Ready to go.
Got a recuirt come :hugs::scream_cat::+1:

We’ve heard over and over about how Lincoln Riley’s offense is so quarterback friendly and easy for the quarterbacks to run and excel. It looks like he could have 3 quarterbacks starting in the NFL next season, so it must prepare them for the NFL. While Gundy’s quarterbacks are trying to figure out a Rubik’s Cube and have guys like Ronnie Perkins prepared to body slam them if they are a little slow. Their reward for all this is to be a backup in the NFL.

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Just because they end their college days at ou doesn’t mean he had anything to do with it.
I dnt think that 5 :star2: redshirt freshman thought it was friendly. Quite the opposite he was friendly had out pics like :candy:.

2 Heismans 1 runner up and a front runner next season says you’re wrong.

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I didn’t say the first were bad qb. I said riley had nothing to do with it.

They didn’t seem as successful till Riley was coaching them.

Riley’s had more Heisman trophy winners than Gundy has had conference championships, so maybe it’s not a fluke like Gundy’s conference championship.

Riley has got 4 or 5 years left then they will let him go.
Ou made those players and riley.
When riley takes a 2 star walkon and make a top 5 qb out of them, then come back and talk.

Top 5 quarterbacks get drafted.

That too if u want. If he did that, he would be worthy of ur accolades.

Did your 2☆ walkon get drafted?

I said if riley would do that he would be worthy. I’m surprised I haven’t seen 3 and 6 yet. Ur chasing ur tail.

If Gundy could do 1/3 of what Riley has done, he would be worthy of any praise. It will never happen.

If Gundy was coaching OU he’d make Howard Schnellenberger look good.

Like I said ur chasing ur tail have a great day.

In fact he’d probably bring on Gary Gibbs as an assistant. LOL.

I dnt see why that is a question since he is on r staff now.
Schnellenberger came in for just the one year only. That was planned. He has won a natty.
Gibbs is a good coach just not a head coach. Ou has went thur a couple after switzer.
So u points r flat.
Ur still grasping at straws to make some point.
This year has showed how good a head coach gundy is. With the tee-shirt deal virus and the oline. This could have went south quickly.
Unless ur going to make a relevant point.

I don’t think Riley’s offense is all that easy for quarter backs. I’ve heard he’s extremely hard on his QB’s and his offense is pretty complicated, like the Andy Reid of CFB. But I do think he is by far the best QB coach in CFB, maybe best offensive mind. If you read many draft reports on OSU players, like Tylan Wallace’s for example, it’s that their route tree isn’t very complex and they just run the same thing over and over. Gundy has had success in the past with his offense but it’s really hard to argue with what Riley is doing in Norman and how his players, not just QB’s but all offensive players, are doing in the NFL. Maybe the difference in recruits is the difference there but it makes me wonder if our offense, on the passing side isn’t a little too vanilla.

@ar1 when is uo gonna win another national title?

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Before Gundy makes it to the conference championship game.

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Riley went to OU in 2015 (The same year Mayfield was there). Not sure if your aware or not but Mayfield wasn’t a highly recruited player. Riley coached him for three seasons. So your point of Riley not being able to make a less recruited QB a top 5 pick becomes null and void.