The Rundown: Gundy Talks Injuries, Open Week in Big 12 Teleconference

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Gundy also talks Brennan Presley and Josh Sills.

“We have to take into account the situation and the personal wellbeing of a player more so than just no matter what it has to be put a guy out there to try to win a game at all costs. That’s just not what we believe in here in our organization.”

Isn’t it his job to find a way to win games?

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What is the deal with not playing these young guys with all the talent? Presley needs to be returning punts and kick. Braydon Johnson they say is fast , then throw him the dang ball. More than one can go deep, if the offensive line doesn’t give you time, you can run it or throw to a guy in the flat, at least you have two defenders going deep.

There you go folks…we are not going to try and win at all cost lol no crap coach?? Yea we’v known that for a long time! Your coach said that not me or Ar1 or any other person on this site but the head coach of Oklahoma state! I mean is he running a dare care up there.


Win at all costs = Art Briles. No thank you.

Why would kids want to come play for a guy who pressures them to play when they’re dinged up and risking a career ending injury?


I keep eluding to the 2017 Bedlam game, when the Sooners won by 10. Immediately after the game, the first thing Gundy said in the Press Conference, was something like, “Now that was a fun game!”
Now hold on there, Mullet Head. Since when does ANY coach think it’s “fun” to LOSE!?
The OK State Brass should have immediately fired him. BUT INSTEAD??!! Boone Pickens sent him a thank you letter, for barely losing!!!
And things will NEVER change, as long as we have this “best coach ever”.
Folks are so scared to chance risking Gundy’s mediocre seasons and lack luster bowl games, for a chance to have a TRUE championship program.

Briles had a waiting list of top notch players, who wanted to play for him.
Kids ache to play for hard nosed coaches, with championship attitudes, in championship caliber programs. Think about it.

Kids want to play for a guy that wants to win. That’s one reason why Gundy’s recruiting sucks as well.

I hate bye weeks. I know the 2 ou trolls are going strong. Then we got a couple more. I’m sure briles and switzer are free. To win at all cost.

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I would take a conference title and three straight losing seasons over 4 mediocre seasons in a row.

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At least Briles knows what it takes to win a couple of conference titles and beat OU. Switzerland knew what it took to win national titles. Unfortunately, we have a coach that follows the Pat Jones model (who went 0-10 against OU by the way).

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So since Gundy’s been he, besides the 2 blue bloods. Only Baylor has more con champ. 1, they have one more. So u want a guy come in for what 6 yrs win 2 con champ no natty’s. And leave with him and the school illrepute.

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Jones had a tie, so there.

It was Johnson who lost them all

A friend of mine pisses orange and black, while sucking Gundy’s butt. He told me last year, that he would rather win lackluster Bowls, playing lackluster teams, than to be defeated playing in BCS Championship Bowls.
I told him that’s like saying you’d rather get hits in the Minor Leagues, than strike out in the Majors.
Of course his jealousy toward championship programs, blinds his ability to see logic.

On a side note; Boone Pickens would burn his statue, for a National Championship.
That statue sure wasn’t a fair return on his investment. He wanted to consistently beat the Sooners, to routinely win conference championships and to win some national championships.
In the end? He was sending Gundy letters of congratulations, for barely losing Bedlam. His expecitations dwindled, along with his health and mind.

Here…I’ll make this a little easier for you to comprehend:

Briles, Baylor HC, 2008-2015, 3-5 against OU

Gundy, OSU HC, 2005-currently, 2–13 against OU

Briles accomplished more victories against OU in literally half the time Gundy did. Briles hasn’t been at Baylor for 4 seasons now, and he still has more victories against OU currently. Keep beating the Gundy drum if you must.

I’m glad I will hear this stuff plenty the next two weeks. At least think some new lines up, and dragging died guys around.

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Ok I will, ur the same guy who thinks leach is great. 2 10 season no con champ
In 10 years. I go thur that list of loser u picked has won power 5 con champ, with like over 35 yrs experience.

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I remember Gundy saying from 2005-2011 in press conferences:

“Well what we really want to do is win conference titles and a national championships”

I’ve not heard him say that in his press briefings in a very very long time!!! I guess since OSU was retroactively awarded a national title he perceives it as mission accomplished.

Now it’s back to the good ole days of putting a bowl on top of our heads at Boone Pickens stadium and rushing the field after that 6th win for possible bowl eligibility. Then we can rush the field at the Liberty bowl with our “Liberty Bowl Champions” shirts on national television.

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How many Gundy haters does it take to change a light blub

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