The Rundown: Gundy Talks Sanders, Illingworth and Defense after Tulsa Game

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Everything Mike Gundy said in his post-Tulsa news conference.

Hopefully the package Gundy is preparing does not include the “Cowboy Back”!! Jelani Woods is the tight end…check. We have 3 running backs (Glass is out?) and a bunch of receivers that are highly “regarded”. PLEASE stop putting #87 or any other “Cowboy Back” to narrow the box and minimize the strengths that the roster has. It is a position that Gundy created because he thought he was clever and epitomizes his obstinance. PLEASE make it go away…Dunn is certainly better than this.

This is the first time I’ve seen this take. Kudos for being heterodox if nothing else.

“I was proud of our team. We got put in a unique situation there for a while, had to regroup particularly on offense.”

Translation: My defense won the game for me. I put us in a terrible situation for three quarters. I finally listened to Kasey Dunn and tried something different.

“We needed a couple plays. Then [Tylan] Wallace made a play or two, Chuba [Hubbard] hit a run or two, and LD [Brown], and we kinda got back on track there a little bit.”

Translation: Thank God I listened to Kasey Dunn!!! Otherwise I would be sitting here pointing the fingers at the players and coaches for not executing.

“try to determine what gives us the best chance to move the ball and score points.”

Translation: We’ll continue to ram Chuba through a brick wall and move some OL players around even though we proved on Saturday that currently the best way we can move it is by passing it with Illingworth to open things up for Chuba a little bit.

“Tulsa’s a good football team, and we gave them plenty of chances to have success.”

Translation: Only I think Tulsa is a good football team based on me giving them every opportunity to beat us. Any other coach with some sense would’ve tried something different after halftime. In reality they are a 4-8 nonpower 5 team, but since they played well against my outdated coaching techniques I consider them to be good.

“I told them in the locker room after the game that I was proud of them for continuing to make stop after stop.”

Translation: I told them I know I put them in a bad spot continuing my talents of incapability to try something different offensively. They should be able to defend 100 plays or more a game because I love to punt the ball so much.

“We look forward to getting back to work as a team and putting a package together and getting ready to play West Virginia.”

Translation: We are looking forward to seeing how we can run the ball at all costs with this terrible OL, and pissing the fans of with our tried and true 3.0 ypc package that we will be implementing against WV.