The Rundown: Gundy Talks Spencer Sanders, Defense after Iowa State Win

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Gundy goes in depth on Sanders return.

“He doesn’t quite understand throwing it when you’re up by 10 vs. a coach understanding not throwing it when you’re up by 10.“

Apparently Gundy doesn’t understand that the 1980’s have gone by, and that a 10 point lead with 8 minutes left really isn’t that huge of an advantage in today’s football world.

Coming from a guy who wants to turn back time to the turn of the century. Bring back miles. Or maybe u want Gundy to take night class from riley on how too finish a game( crip note: not a good professor):face_with_hand_over_mouth::dizzy_face::woozy_face: would u like a 31-7 score, well no picks it could have happened.

“He’s almost been better for us lately as a decoy, at times,” Gundy said.

The Oklahoman, October 6, 2014

Andy Reid has found a way to use Hill’s talent though. So yeah I don’t mind Mike Gundy taking classes from coaches that know how to win championships.

Ur like dog with bone🦴
The simple play action is a decoy . The better back u have the better the defense bites👶
I’m sure hill is only averaging 6 or 7 touch with reid. :thinking:
Just because Gundy say doesn’t mean its true :wink:
Did he play two qb Saturday :crazy_face:

Do you think it’s smart to be snapping the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock with a 10 point lead and less than 8 minutes to go?

Do you think it’s smart to purposely get a delayed game penalty just so you can back your punter up another 5 yards? Especially when you’re 12 yards inside enemy territory and it’s only 4th and 2 with the best HB in the country in your backfield?

What if Iowa State had blocked the punt? What if Iowa State had recovered the onside? (See Texas vs Texas Tech)

These are the type of boneheaded strategies that keep a team like what OSU has this year from finishing any higher than 3rd place in the conference. We know the team has the talent and potential to actually win the conference this year. We just need to find a coach that’s willing to max the potential of that talent.

Go ahead and keep riding the Mike Gundy bandwagon if you must though.

I do hate having heart attacks 3 or 4 times a yr.:hot_face: the 20 second deal was odd even for Gundy he always runs clock.
Everybody takes the 5 yd if their going to punt. 4th and 2 punt was done by Campbell early.
What I saw Saturday was were won over Sanders help.
But get ready for 50 runs next week :upside_down_face::joy::innocent:.
I don’t believe Texas is as good as is think, on reason they have yurich :woozy_face:
If we control qb like this week I think it be the same result. Texas d is not as good as isu.
Do I think we can lose yes sure.

If you only score 24 against Texas, you’ll get your fanny kicked. They’ve got speed and aren’t afraid to throw the ball.
The reason Gundy hasn’t won a championship in 9 years is he gets 1 dimensional.

U must think Baylor’s defense is better then ours. Texas scored 27 last week. First they got yurich that’s a plus for us. One dimensional they got one player. We we control ehlinger like purdy they have nothing else to go to.
I thought we lost u beside captain obvious remarks​:laughing::rofl::innocent: if we play r game and limit Sanders turnovers we will be fine. :wink:

If Gundy tries to run the ball against Texas (Their DL is their best asset on defense) then Gundy may cause his team to lose a game they shouldn’t. He ran Chuba 37 times last year against Texas for 121 yards.

If Gundy is smart then he’ll pass the ball against Texas since they have one of the worst pass defenses in the country (Kind if like how OU and Tech did). However, I’m sure we’ll see the Mike Gundy trademark at its finest on Saturday with Chuba caring the ball a record 50 times for 100 yards against the strength of the Texas Defense.

Mark it down were set to lose, even Gundy knows he is a dumbass​:exploding_head::crazy_face::rofl::wink:. Unlike u i don’t remember every lose​:face_with_head_bandage:. They did throw 33 time also​:thinking:. And Sanders ran for 109 yrds. Two things stuck out ehlinger had 350 and 4 td, then the 2 picks for sanders :upside_down_face:. Those r the 2things we have to stop. Control ehlinger and limit Sanders turnovers.