The Rundown: Gundy Talks Turnovers, Special Teams Heading into K-State

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Mike Gundy was in an upbeat mood on Monday.

When we look back 4 years from now and see that Gundy won 1 conference title in 20 years and averaged 4th, only beat OU twice but kept us bowl eligible (something only 75 other teams do each year on average). Will you be proud of the last 20 years or a little sad that’s as good as we can get?

Is 1 conference title in 20 years good enough in every other sport?

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“We can’t take away Texas’ ability to force those turnovers”

I wouldn’t say it was so much Texas’ ability to force turnovers. I would say it has A LOT to do with no discipline for ball security.

Did he not see the other times Sanders threw the ball into double coverage that probably should’ve been picked?

The Texas defense SUCKS!!! They have one player on their defense right now that will probably be in the NFL and he’s an edge rusher. If the Texas defense was any good they wouldn’t give up over 40 points per game in conference play or let OSU get 530 yards of offense on them.

Most coaches would be in a very pissed off mood and preach discipline and ball security the following week to their players. Unfortunately, for the OSU players it’s Texas’ “ability” to force turnovers rather than OSU’s inability to secure the ball according to Gundy.

Could you imagine Nick Saban saying it was the other team’s “ability” to force turnovers? Especially when it’s evident if it’s his team inflicting the wounds in themselves. Heck no he wouldn’t say that!!! He would talk about how his players sucked and they need to do a better job.

As you’ve said before “The difference between a coach that’s won multiple championships compared to a coach that won a championship 9 years ago.”

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I think it’s not enough but at the same time do you realize Eddie Sutton only won the regular season B8/B12 twice in 16 years as head coach. The basketball juggernaut in Lawrence is similar to the football juggernaut in Norman.

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Joe u really bring the big guns “saban” no riley or miles. U have a weird fetish with other coaches. U sent me a list of choach to replace Gundy. U had leach, u do know in 18 yrs he has 1 less then Gundy. Let’s stop fooling around in over 35 yrs of coaching in power 5 conference ur list of coaches have 1less then gundy.

I agree but a team can have a road to a national championship without winning your conference. That might be a possibility for OU in a very strange year but would be impossible for OSU.

Ou has no chance to win a NC this year. The 2 losses have crippled them and the loss to Kansas St is going to look worse and worse as they pile up losses.

Sutton also went to the Final Four twice as well. A place that OSU football will never find itself under the Gundy regime.

Leach doesn’t play afraid either.

I agree it’s not happening this year for OU but just like it did for OHIO State it could happen for OU someday.

Well technically OSU already did. In 2011, OSU finished 3rd in the BCS ranking at the end of the regular season and would have qualified for the playoff if it existed then. They went on to beat Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl


It looks like this isn’t a popular opinion here, but I’ve never been more satisfied with Gundy’s post-game comments before. I’m seeing some really promising things:

  1. Having Sanders’ back - I know he’s had his critics and the TOs drove me crazy too, but just compare the way he looked in Austin last year to this year’s game. He passed for over 400 yds and made some beautiful clutch passes. That game-tying drive is not something we’ve seen him do before, and he did it against all momentum (if you believe in that). Spencer can win a Heisman, can take us to a CFP, and maybe just as important, can attract the next Dual Threat 4/5* QB to load the pipeline. The TOs are different, it’s executional inconsistency - he doesn’t look absolutely confused out there like he did last year. He makes his reads, he makes the right decision most times, and he makes a good throw most of those times. How do yall think Rattler would like behind our O-Line? Sanders would be driving a Heisman campaign behind a top O-Line. Given his injuries, youth, new OC, COVID, and O-Line woes, he’s definitely the right choice.

  2. I see 100% awareness and clarity on causes and solutions for mistakes that need to be corrected versus an acknowledgement of how the probabilities play out when your unit plays with an aggressive outlook. I completely agree about the perfect storm part - this is a game we lose by 35 without the Defense and the passing game.

  3. I see deserved praise of a young OC and QB and a disappointed Defense, which are good for his team. And recognition of a cool moment with a former player.

I’m not used to seeing this type of attitude and cohesiveness, and I think it bodes well for how the team responds to this. I was worried based on just how many horror moments there were in the UT game that can sometimes linger, but if this is the message that’s being infused into the program this week, then I feel great about beating K-State.

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Play afraid. Why would he lose aren’t afraid.

After 10 years of consistent golf and 1 eagle to show for it, I had two eagles in 18 holes this morning. Should I call Coach Bratton or will he be calling me? How does that work?

Call me crazy, we will beat OU this year. I know, that’d be like working at McDonalds and expecting 30 bucks an hour, but in a weird way I’m reassured after the Texas game. No, I’m not confident in Sanders’ ability not to turn it over 9 times per game, but dang. We absolutely dominated Texas from the second that game began and if it weren’t for us literally giving them 31 points (literally, not figuratively), it would have been a blowout. This is one of the few times I won’t put a loss on Gundy, even though all losses rightfully should be placed on the coach. He was aggressive, we called big calls (which we haven’t seen in forever) and the offense was humming. The defense was exceptionally good (which is weird to say when we gave up over 40 points) and I think {hope} sanders will finally start thinking a little more cautiously after that loss. It’s on him and special teams 100%. We have the horses to at least slow Ou down, and if we can just hold on the stupid football they don’t have the horses to do the same. I’ll probably be left disappointed once again three weeks from now but I’m actually optimistic this time around. Ou looks mortal.

  1. In 2010 OSU was #9 in the country and lost to #13 OU 47-41. OU was the South Division winner.

  2. In 2011 #3 OSU beat #10 OU 44-10 and won the conference title.

  3. In 2013 OSU was picked to win the Big 12. #6 OSU lost to #17 OU

  4. In 2015 #10 OSU lost to #4 OU in a blowout in a game for the conference title.

  5. In 2016 despite starting the season 2-2 OSU went to Norman on a seven game winning streak and lost in a game where they could’ve won the conference title.

  6. In 2017 #11 OSU was in a must win situation to make it to The conference title game. They lost to #5 OU.

That is a record of 1-5 when something important is on the line for Gundy against OU. That’s a 20% success rate against OU when it comes to conference title implications.

Matter of fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he in some miracle makes it to the conference title game at 8-2. He still has an 80% chance of losing to OU. Don’t be surprised if he loses to OU twice in one year.

So I respectfully disagree. You are crazy and nothing suggests he’s going to beat OU again anytime soon.

I hope you’re right but we’ve had good teams before and Gundy hasn’t gotten it done. 2013 great defense, 2015,2016,and 2017 offense.

In 2011 Monken kept his foot on the gas. In 2014 no one accounted for Hill.
No Monken, no Hill, no win!

In 2013 OU blew out Alabama in the sugar bowl.

In 2015 OU made the CFP.

In 2016 OU didn’t make the CFP but went 11-2 and blew out auburn.

In 2017 OU went to the CFP.

In all of these years, you’re arguing about a team that lost to another team that was better. Flat out. OSU should have won the 2013 game. They were better than Ou, and they blew it big time. Any other game you listed would just be OSU, the less talented team, upsetting OU, the more talented team. If you don’t think that is true, you’re kidding yourself. As I said twice In my post, I’m probably going to be very wrong come bedlam, I’m just stating that I personally feel better than I normally do (which is typically absolutely no confidence whatsoever). OSU has the better defense. OSU has just as capable of an offense. They’re finally more rounded from A to Z than OU is, for the first time since 2013.

We’ll see how they respond saturday vs KSU on OSU’s side and we’ll learn absolutely nothing from OU’s game vs Kansas.

That’s true, but although we had “great offenses” in those years, OU had all-time historical offenses. We just keep getting unlucky with how good ou is year after year. The only year OU beating us was a true upset was 2013, and that is because of how good our defense was. Same as this year. But that’s just my opinion.