The Rundown: Mike Gundy Discusses Start of Spring Practice

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Gundy talks Spencer, Gunnar wearing his old number and what’s different about this spring.

How was gunnars reps.

I continue to wonder why the only offer Gunnar got was from Eastern Illinois. In high school he was on a good team and he put up big numbers and he has the genes from a Big 8 first team QB. If he is as good a QB as his father was then OSU would be very fortunate.
Glad that spring practice has begun so we can move on from the disappointing end to the basketball season. I just cancelled my subscription to ESPN sports package and ESPN+.Will renew once football games begin.

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Everybody knew he was coming here so no one took the effort to recurit him.
247 didn’t even waste their time rating him

Usually when the best thing you can say about your quarterback is “well he didn’t throw any tantrums on the sideline last year so that’s better” probably means you have the wrong guy.

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I agree. Sanders has been on campus for three years now. If he hasn’t improved then I just don’t think he ever will. How come we didn’t hear one word about Illingworth? Did he hit the transfer portal too?

It appears Gundy has already made his decision on the QB position. I just don’t understand why he just doesn’t open up the competition and let the best guy win.

Because it’s never about the best guy. It’s about Cowboy Culture.


Lmao this funny chit.
Transfer portal cowboy culture its been one day of spring practice.
This site only get what was asked.
If u want to know about shane text allen.

On poke report dunn talked about competition with 4 qb. And wants it with all the positions.
He also said he doesn’t know the line up.
Just letting u know

Of course he did joe we send all of our 4 :star: to the portal remember

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So who is the best guy then coach

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Maybe you should ask yourself why the best coach in school history has already decided that the QB we’ve seen be consistent in throwing interception after interception is going to be the unanimous starter.

Just like AR said. It’s not about Gundy playing who gives them the best chance to win any longer, and it’s about who has more Cowboy Culture.

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That’s because ultimately Dunn doesn’t get to decide who starts and who doesn’t. I think Dunn would love to probably play the best player, but he isn’t suppose to evaluate talent any longer. He’s suppose to evaluate who has more Cowboy Culture. Even if they’ve never completed a pass in college football. Dunn doesn’t even get to run the offense even though it’s HIS JOB.

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It depends on the offense that you run. If there keep running the same crappy offense as last year, Shane Illingworth. If they would go back to the only successful offense they have ever run, (a true air raid) then Spencer Sanders would be the guy.

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What did Shane do to prove he’d be the best in either offense?

Stand in the pocket and didn’t throw interceptions.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Gundy will be successful with any quarterback on campus. Unless you consider just making a bowl successful, which I know y’all do.

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Lol just like you consider winning one game in the ncaa tournament a success

Not success but ■■■■ sure improvement.

I’ll agree with that, but nothing about the last two games has me excited about next year unless he pulls some magic and gets a big man that can play