The Rundown: Mike Gundy Talks Tylan, 2020 after Cheez-It Bowl Victory

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Gundy also talks his Cheez-It shower.

Great talk coach

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Can someone fill me in on Presley? I do not remember him being highly recruited, but it sounds like he had a great high school career. Why were expectations for him so high?

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His size kept him low ranking. He was Oklahoma Gatorade player of the year.

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Brennan’s brother, Braylin, will be a Senior at Bixby next year. Also, smaller in size but still a 4* we would love to have as a Cowboy. Braylin is a small RB with several D1 offers.

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Osu gave a offer seeing his brother run all over the place with 3 td mite help usher him. I have no problem I was just tell why the older one wasn’t a higher recruit. The young one will benefit by more stars. He will get some what bigger by the time he walks on bps. The family is a cowboy fan club.

I would like to know what kind of injury Ford had. Does anybody or even better a reporter on this site know

Been quick to bash Gundy but when game got tight, his team delivered.

They were also smart to take out Wallace, especially after Miami QBs injury. Sad thing is there are OU fans bashing Wallace’s character bc he “opted out” at half time. Media spinning a coach and players decision. Sad.


I don’t think they ever announced exactly what the injury was, but to me it was obvious he suffered a severe knee injury in the Baylor game. Probably an MCL or ACL - hopefully not both.

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This coach has no faith in winning championships lol just listen to him lol it’s really not funny but my gosh man he sounds like he’s more of a dad and spends more time on that than the coaching part of his job. Just listen to how he talks and it fits his winning percentage to a tee.

He just needs to play the best players and coach. He’s too soft in his older age and I see this in all people it’s just what happens. He’s past his prime and it shows through his actions and words. Hopefully we have contacted a few young coaches for the job coming up. Excited for new leadership and can’t wait. Don’t need to thank him for his years he got paid lots of money for that. It’s just business but gundy needs to go and holder before we can achieve better than we have and that’s just spitten facts.

U never saw Billy knight or woody hayes :upside_down_face::joy::star_struck::crazy_face::pleading_face::flushed::exploding_head:

Who are those guys?

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