The Rundown: What Gundy Said After OSU's 23-16 Win Over Missouri State

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Gundy talked late-game decisions, the running game and more.

Can we get a quote from him about his thoughts on tonight’s coaching overall instead of the two stupid passes at the end of the game that essentially saved 2 of MSUs timeouts?


I agree that the defense did about as good as you can expect. However, doing well against Missouri State and duplicating that against OU, Texas, etc. are two very different things.

After the first three drives, I was dreaming about Shane Illingworth winning a trophy in NYC. After that, I have no idea what happened. I think promoting Dunn to OC, which Gundy clearly did not want to do, will end up being the downfall of this team. There has been little creativity or deception on offense. Hopefully the O Line can put things together going forward.

There’s been very little creativity on offense long before Dunn was OC. Could you really tell that we had 3 different OC 2018, 2019, and 2020? I don’t think there was much variation between them. The only difference was the capabilities of the QB.


The last truly creative OC we had was Monken. However, it seems like it has gotten even more vanilla under Dunn.


I’m curious if it’s even more vanilla because of the QBs. They have less than impressed. I’m eating crow by saying this but ■■■■ I wish corndog had more eligibility.

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I cussed Gundy more times than I can count when he started Corndog game after game. But I get it now. It was the right decision.

But I think Illingworth has a lot of potential. He looked like a world beater in the first quarter. I have very little faith in Sanders. To me, he is Bobby Reid Jr., but hopefully he will prove me wrong.

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Here’s an idea. How about running something besides a run up the gut or a deep pass? A little creativity on offense? Maybe not get outcoached in almost every game this season? Maybe not outcoach yourself to the point where we only best MSU by 7 points for the first time since 1996 when Bob Simmons was the HC?

How about being better in recruiting than 35th on average over the past 10 years? How about getting a better offensive line since Wickline left so we can average more than 2 yards per carry against lesser competition?

How about doing what Tulane did today? Running some motion, reverses, and counters to prevent yourself from almost losing to a 1AA school? What are you doing to make the football program better? Because I’ve not seen it lately.


Same gundy teams for too long. I mean it’s like a broken record…we got to coach better. Man just not good.


Inquiring minds want to know:

Q1: Did Sanders contract COVID?
Q2: Is Sander vaccinated?
Q3: Can we find out why all others were out?

What happened to Collin Clay? Gundy stated he “won’t be back”.

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Is it really Dunn or is he being handcuffed by Gumby? I got money on the latter. There’s been little creativity as far as new plays to the playbook in ages. We rarely if even pull a guard on run plays. Don’t use misdirection, counters and trick plays. It’s very base type stuff.

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Corn was underrated and handcuffed himself. Lot of oSu fans should be eating crow talking smack about that guy. If he was in a better offense w/ much better playcalling he probably would’ve looked like a better QB than Mason.

QB is hardly the issue, the predictability of the plays being called is. We only seem to have about 20 plays in the playbook.


20 seems pretty generous to be honest.

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U rite like Joey says we have 2 run and pass. Brilliant

I was glad when that oc left.

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Me as well but maybe he was handcuffed by Mike Gumby. The plays haven’t changed much at all since Monken was calling plays, and Brandon Weeden helped him learn the offense so Brandon for head coach!!! No way he would be as vanilla as we are now.

I was being generous, LMAO! 90% of our pass plays last season were back-shoulder fades, jump balls and bubble screens. Nothing over the middle w/ few exceptions but changed all that in the bowl game when Presley went wild. <----- You’d think that would’ve showed the coaches where they are messing up and hurting their QB’s efficiency as well as the team’s changes for success against good teams. :roll_eyes: :eyes: :roll_eyes:

Well he brought in some of his on plays. Yurich wasn’t any better.

I agree with you to an extent. The best offenses we have had, from a schematic perspective, were the ones where Gundy kept his nose out of things (b/c Holgy and Monken had the stones to stand up to Gundy).

However, Yurchich and Gleeson still managed to inject some energy into the offense in ways that Dunn has been totally unable to. Gundy does not seem to be going anywhere so we need to find an OC who can figure out how to appease Gundy and get a competent offense on the field.