The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said After Another Bedlam Loss

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A breakdown of what Mike Gundy said following OSU’s Bedlam loss.

All I saw was the same concept from losses in games past repeated in a slightly different manner. Got outcoached. Didn’t do what we needed to. Got beat by a good team. And on and on and on.

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When you’re in the redzone and repeatedly make conservative calls (ex. 3rd and Goal from the 8 yd line and run the ball up the middle), you end up kicking FG’s.
4th and 3 and you run a PA play with 1 route that was short of the line to gain.

OU made a coaching adjustment and brought their Safeties down to stop the run.
Gundy did not make a coaching adjustment when OU kept running the same play over and over for 5-10 yards.

Gundy has never been good at make coaching adjustments mid-game. It shows when he faces better teams or better coaches.

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