The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said After OSU's 31-20 Win Over K-State

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Gundy speaks.

“They wanted to get in the 2-minute offense, and I wouldn’t let em.” Shut his headset off, then. If you’re coaching a team with a solid lead while employing a historically (for this program) good defense backing you up, and that defense forces a timely turnover, you let the offense go full throttle, reward your defense, boost the offense’s confidence… and you go f-ing score!!! Put the foot on their throat and end it!!!


He’s afraid of Sanders turning the ball over. Playing not to lose.

I didn’t realize Spencer is the only person playing college football who turns it over. The other teams are immune? How does this work? I mean I know he’s already played the magical “15th game”, so that excuse is gone. :joy:

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Don’t let Harry Dunn (Michael13) or Loyd Christmas (Robert28) see this or you’ll get hammered for criticizing the best coach in school history. At least he’s not 4-8!!! That’s what they’ll say.

How do you not let the offense run the 2 minute drill up that much and playing extremely well? No wonder they came out flat in the second half.

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Hey Joey guess what , I would have said get after it then But that’s the reason Gundy is Coach and I’m watching. I’m not an obnoxious fan with 3 other stooges slamming Gundys decision. You screwballs just live to stir chit :joy:
If we weren’t winning, you bet I would say he needs to go. But I wouldn’t make it an occupation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clown_face::clown_face::cowboy_hat_face::joy:

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Who the hell wouldn’t? That’s a pretty dumb observation on your part don’t you think Harry?

Reminds me of the game at uO when we made an interception just before halftime, at midfield, and Rudolph had been red hot. Instead, Gundy does not allow him to throw the ball down the field, “because it was raining.” C’mon coach. I agree, turn the mike off on his headset in those two-minute drill situations. ha ha

Oh come on Joey they don’t get any dumber than you, biachting all the time when we are winning. We could be Florida St. but you are too dumb to realize it :flushed::cowboy_hat_face: you change the narrative all the time :joy::joy::clown_face:

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So if Florida State continues to lose, and doesn’t get better under Norvell do you think they should hold onto him? Pretty dumb to suggest I would want a coach gone if he isn’t winning. Don’t you think? Isn’t it the coach’s job to win?

Yep…just like we did with Pat Jones and Bob Simmons. I would suggest any coach anywhere in the country that isn’t winning should probably be fired. How did you ever figure out that one?

But you want to fire one that is winning dummy :clown_face: …. That was a stupid comment Joey. Lots and I mean a lot would like to have the success we have had the last 15 years. And I can tell you what your retort will be :joy::joy::clown_face::clown_face:
How many coaches has FS been through since Bowden :flushed::flushed:

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So what exactly is he winning? An Independence bowl? Last time I checked when we played Florida State we lost.

You’re reaching Joey :joy::joy: my memory isn’t bad enough to know they were defending NC …. There are 65 I think Power 5 schools and most except for maybe 10 would love to have our record , are you that slow

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Oh yeah!!! I’m sure every fan dreams of playing the 4th best team from the ACC on a consistent basis.

If I can name more than 10, do I get a prize?

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The only slow people are the ones that think Mike Gundy just making a bowl game consistently is a huge accomplishment when Les Miles already proved at OSU it could be done.

Since 2013 when we played FSU

10 better?

Ohio State
Penn State
Notre Dame

Ole Miss
Texas A&M
Michigan St

I never needed the prize. Just the satisfaction of knowing I could name 15.


It’s not an accomplishment to make a bowl dummy, you have to be piss poor to not make one. But how many have highs and real lows
Les and Riley are your hero’s anyway

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You had your prize in your hand :joy::joy:
Yea sure Michigan St and Mississippi :roll_eyes: