The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said after OSU's Loss to TCU

But this was the year OSU was going to win the BIG XII Championship…

What could have happened this year…, your kidding me…, the Mullet Head Egomaniac Clown failed to deliver again!!!

I know…, boost his salary…, extend his contract…, and start talking about next year OSU is going to win the BIG XII Championship…


On what the offensive gameplan was going in
“Well, we don’t change a lot you know…" ---- And that, right there, is a HUGE part of the problem. Just keep running the same plays and the limited pass patterns you run as if opposing defensive coordinators are not watching tapes of your games and tendencies. You’re making it MUCH EASIER, Mike. It doesn’t take a genius to understand you have to keep defenses off balance and unsure of what the play is going to be. You do the exact opposite.

All you have to do playing us is 90% of the time defend the sidelines on pass plays. Little to no misdirection on run plays. Eat that L to Baylor coming up!