The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said during His Pre-Bedlam Media Luncheon

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What OSU’s coach said ahead of Bedlam.

Just win baby!!

On if it is fair to say Oklahoma State has been cautious against Oklahoma

“No, we’ve been more open than we have been. Sometimes we’ve been cautious if we don’t feel like we can execute certain things.”

29 total points in the last two bedlam games combined tells me he’s been way too cautious.

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We got this. Couldn’t ask for a better coach.

Last I looked Baylor is a 15-point home favorite against Tech. Let’s go ahead and assume the “W” for the Bears.

Which makes one pipedream impossible: beating OU on back-to-back weekends. Oh well. Let’s just get the victory on Saturday. And, if given the opportunity late in the game, by all means, call a time-out and kick a field goal!

I won’t pretend to speak for the majority of OSU fans, but know this: Saturday, Nov. 27 is MY bowl game. It is MY national championship game. Beat OU!

What happens after Nov. 27 – who knows? It would be great to go ahead and beat Baylor again in Dallas.

It would also be awesome to get into the CFP playoffs – top three teams plus Alabama (regardless of how many losses the Tide has). But, we can go ahead and acknowledge this much as fact: a 12-1 Oklahoma State team will not be afforded the same consideration as a 12-1 OU or 12-1 Texas.

To borrow from Bill Murray in “Meatballs”: IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

Beat OU!

It Just Doesn’t Matter!