The Sooners Could Win Bedlam Wrestling

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A banged up Oklahoma State squad will be tested vs. OU.

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Bonus points will be needed again. Let ou get their Hope’s up n take it to them

Hell might freeze over! I think we need zerOU to be decent, they’ve been bad for far too long, but we don’t need to be losing to them in wrestling evaaaaah! :sob: :joy: :rofl:

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When do you expect to have an update on Brock? Is this something that could end his season? If so, is Gfeller able to get to 141 or will it be Hone for sure? Also, is Sheets expected to be out of that brace before Big XIIs? That seems to really be holding him back.

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Didn’t Smith not answer the question why Brock wasn’t with them last weekend ? Is it something more than an injury? Please don’t lose to the goons, just hope they are respectful in the rankings so it helps us

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It made cringe seeing Sheets out there in a brace like that. If you require a brace that is just plain dangerous to one’s health being out there on the mat. Let him fully heal this season and come back next season in full health rather than messing up his knee even further. We are not in contention for the NCAA championship this season. Same thing with Montalvo who looked pretty bandaged up out there. Like Iowa State being vastly improved this season, I also like hearing that OU is also making a comeback. The Big 12 has been a one good team conference for too long. Bring the league back to its glory days by having multiple top 5 wrestling teams. Its also good for recruiting to have a strong conference. If OU have a really good team the beating them will have even more meaning. Bedlam wrestling matches in the 1960’s that I witnessed in person were beyond description when it got so loud that you could not hear yourself think at times, and the vibrations from the noise could be felt hitting my ribs. Capacity crowds in those days and the matches were televised. That is what Bedlam matches should be instead of being so one sided lately with the outcome already known before the dual even begins. But now it sounds like it could be a nail biter. But we realize that is not because OU is suddenly that good, it is more of a case that we have multiple substitutes in the lineup because of injuries. Otherwise, we probably win 7 and lose 3. I look forward to again seeing A.J. go up against good competition. That Iowa State match showed us just how good A.J. really is the way he pulled off that victory. I hope there will be a decent crowd. I still can’t believe we failed to recruit a decent heavyweight. No offense to Harris but he is more suited to be at 197.
Yes, where is Gfeller, also still injured?
Scary above article suggesting it is possible but unlikely that OSU might just win 3-4 matches! I agree that we will need bonus points. Welcome to the newly improved Big 12 thanks to an injured Cowboy team making ISU and OU looking better than they really are.

I agree with most of this but disagree with your suggestion that we should rest guys since we do not have a shot at the title. I will admit that it is highly unlikely that we win it all, but it is conceivable and I think we should shoot for it, especially since this year does not count toward eligibility.

Fix will likely win a title and I think Ferarri, Wittlake, and Lewallen all have an outside chance at a title. If Sheets and Brock are healthy, both of them could make deep runs as well. Plott and Mastro both have All-American potential if they can improve a little and peak at the right time. Even a portion of the above scenario would likely give us a national title, regardless of what Iowa does. Throw in some upsets/injuries to a few of the Hawkeyes (not uncommon for them in the postseason) and our chances go up.

Brock and Sheets are the two wildcards. Without them at full strength, the road gets a lot more difficult. We could survive without Brock if Gfeller could get to 141 and look like his old self, but I have no idea whether that is a possibility.