The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's First Spring Ball News Conference

Great point!!! We beat them more, but we can’t win as many conference titles :man_shrugging:?

Remind me how many conference title trophies we have compared to OU, Baylor, and K State in the last 5 years?

Nobody cares about relevancy if you have no trophies to back it up with.

Here you are still ranting about trophies !! What can you do with the trophy but say , hey I was good this year, but you don’t tel the story that we sucked for 2 years after that No one cares about you bringing up the same stupid points everyday
Get a life besides bashing Gundy and Dunn

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Trophies typically tell the story of your program and its potential. Hard to have a story when you can’t win them. Notre Dame was 0-11 at one point in major bowl games. Why do you think nobody takes them very seriously?

Notre Dame has nation wide recruiting. They used to get any kid they wanted. Bad hires , losing records, all played into every kid not going there. They have the dough. Texas has more money than most yet they have sucked for ten years. You think they have trouble getting any kid in Texas ? They have no trophies in years and it doesn’t bother them Glad you enlighten us every day :joy:

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