The Top 5 Wide Receiver Recruits of the Mike Gundy Era

Why we know there aren’t many high recurits.

You and your obsessions.

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Need more 4 stars. What was the only player to stick around the nfl and also might be a hof? You got it…a 4 star and nowadays maight have been a 5 star. Blackman might be the best 3 star gundy had but Booz and pot got that :star: :star: :star:. This thing you got about 4 stars and how they don’t pan out as much as your 3star loving sole just shows your brain capacity every time you start talking. I mean you could just look at top teams and see it but you still try to stick up for the king of three stars because you know his mullet only has so much power in it. What are you getting daddy gundy for valentine’s Day?

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Lol I was making fun of you guys and your obsession with 4 stars.
We got 6 composite 4 stars and 3 more 4 stars. This year. None of you stooges cared.

4 and 5 stars haven’t paid off for Texas.

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Of coarse we care, we say it all the time but dont have to point it out anymore unless you start with comparing the two. Devin duvernay Texas wide receiver 4 star you might remember him right? Doing dang well in the League :star::star::star::star: Texas

Texas has 6 receivers in the nfl currently we have 3 so guess they recruit better right?

Don’t know him or care. Maimi had more nfl draft players then any team for like the last 5 years. Has that helped them.
Texas has had top 10 recruiting for years. Got them 5 wins last year.
Everyone knows better recruits is a good thing. Everyone knows getting them to stillwater is extremely tuff for any coach.
But you yahoos think your genius. Well I point out 2 programs that 4 stars and nfl drafts not equally wins.

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We not talking about miami

I guess we should win 5 games from now on.
We have 2 12 win season and 2 title games a title.
What has Texas got since 2011.

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Why your talking drafts. You dnt like facts

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Why does Texas have 6 receivers in the league and we have 3? Because they out recruit us or gundy cant make the players he gets better to get them in the League? one or the other

You really are slow. What has those 6 done for Texas when they where at school. Of course be nice to get players in pros. But 5 wins.

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Gundy makes it hard to recruit 4 stars to Stillwater. Not because it’s hard

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Devin Dunervay roasted all season and every other team just two years ago but you don’t remember LOL

It is what it is…gundy’s three star system (culture) makes for a winning season but does not make for championship seasons. You do understand this and I know you do but you just like to argue.

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It’s funny how Brent is talking about bring in culture.

Jeff since gundy is here for a long time why are you crying daily.
I find it odd you pick to talk about recievers. Osu has nice ones.


Here you go arguing aging.

Nice ones? One nice one to speak about that other people not from osu would know. Osu dosent need nice ones every ten years.

The pressure is on gundy starting now and also you and I can’t wait for the next 4 years.

So how many games will we win this season

Should lose one at the most with a veteran team and other key teams not having that luxury this year.