The Top Five Moments of the Eddie Sutton Era at Oklahoma State

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A look back at the mountaintops.

When I see the picture of Mr. Iba shaking Coach Sutton’s hand at the press conference that day it is a remarkable image.

If I could grant one wish for Mike Gundy it would for him to have played under a coach like Henry Iba.

Wonderful article and I would like to see a series of these kind of articles as a tribute to Eddie Sutton and as a way of honoring him as a new member of the Hall of Fame. He won’t be with us much longer, it seems, so keep the ball rolling and keep the memories of greatness fresh.

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Eddie was the consummate teacher whether winning by 20 or getting blown out, he coached to the very end. My fondest memories of Cowboy basketball were his teams. That roar he put back in GIA was deafening. Every coach respected him.


No doubt Coach’s leadership through the plane crash was his most important moment, but likely not the appropriate one to include in this write up. No night will match GIA with Missouri in the house for the first game back at home.


Like most things in life, we don’t fully appreciate them until they are gone. Maybe because of my age (teenager / young adult), I felt the Sutton run at OSU would last forever. I did not appreciate them then, but these articles are a nice reminder of how much fun the ride was. TY!

I’m hoping this next team is the one the brings the Old Barn back to life. So many memories of that place being the loudest place to play. We came, we screamed until we were hoarse, we kept screaming. I know it’s bigger now, but my heart hurts seeing so many empty seats.
My son starts there in the fall (if there is a fall semester on campus) and I’m excited that he may yet get to see it back.

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