The Top Five Recruits from Mike Gundy's Best-Ever Recruiting Class (2006)

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Five (!) four-star guys!

Remember, this was before the aTm and Mizzou defections. I wonder how much SEC recruiting in Texas has impacted us not getting those 4-stars.

The reason this class was so good is guys betting on the unknown. Now that they know he’s not going to beat OU or win a conference title, it gets a little harder.

oSu had (4) coaches ranked in the top 25 Big 12 recruiters in 2006. Zero remain and Wickline was the last one on staff. Only OU, UT, and ATM had more and several programs had none.

The elephant in the room is Cale Gundy getting all the recruiting genes.

We didn’t even have our facilities when he landed his best classes. That to me is the biggest disappointment in the last 12 years because that was always the excuse. Not only did we not capitalize on our facilities our recruiting has gone backwards.

IMO just proves the point that relationships are paramount. Glad to see that FB is picking up the pace, but I think there will need to be staff changes for rankings to get inside the top 30.