This is pretty much my thoughts on coaching changes

I don’t think people really try to figure out why a team isn’t succeeding, they just fire the coach without any serious analysis.


To much is placed on results. If a guy has only 3 years to bring his style to play they will never succeed.
And they hire bad coaches.
Lsu coach is a great coach just not a great ceo. In today’s game u need ceo’s

I like leach he is funny and like gundy really do know what’s going on.

This is the chit he is talking about. Michigan state just made a 3 year coach the highest paid coach. The same coach who has 2 losing season and one good. They locked into 10 years. We will see how this works out.

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Some people would rather keep mediocre around for 2 decades for 1 conference title. They think that is the way you build a program is generations of mediocre.

Some just want to cry


Name for me five new coaches in the last 20 years that came in and built a program into a powerhouse.


Only one I can think of is dabo!

I don’t know what you are calling a power house but all I’ve ever asked of a coach is win the conference once every 5 years or so and beat OU at least as often as the other weakass teams in the conference.

You name one other coach that gets to stay more than 15 years with one conference title and 2 wins against their rival?

It doesn’t happen because like Leach is saying, people are nuts. Many a coach has been fired in the SEC and Big 10, and no one is racking up wins on Bama or Ohio State and winning the conference.

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In the last 17 years,
Texas has beaten OU 7 times.
Baylor has beaten OU 4 times.
Texas Tech has beaten OU 4 times.
K State has beaten OU 4 times.

Gundy has beaten OU 2 times
TCU has beaten OU 2 times.
Iowa State has beaten OU 2 times.

West Virginia has beaten OU 1 time.
Kansas hasn’t beaten OU.

Tell me again how mediocre Mike is the best we could ever hope for.

So nobody has a .500 record or better. Not even a team that recruits in the top 10 every single year and goes and gets the hottest coaches on the market. Thanks for clearing that up


Yet we can’t keep up with half the conference.

Lol ok

Find me one other football coach that has lost more games to OU. That’s a record anyone should be proud of.

Find me one coach who’s played them 16 times

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How about Bill Snyder, Mack Brown and Tom Osborne just off the top of my head.

Lol 3 coaches none of them from Oklahoma state and yea you can throw bill snyder out there all you want , probably a top 5 coach of all time IMO .

There was never any doubt that Gundy has lost more to OU than any other OSU coach but has dominated the nation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the most losses by one coach against their rival in all of football.

It was already one of the most lopsided rivalries but Gundy has only made it worse.

Lol okay buddy like I said before your fine with 4-7 seasons as long as one of those wins is ou


Take all the Michigan head coaches vs. Ohio State in the same span… or the Oregon State head coaches vs. Oregon…

Our rival is a top 4 program in the country. Also, the complaining about our coach when we’re getting playoff buzz this year is tone deaf. It could still fall apart, but give it a rest.