This week's excuse

Just thought I’d ask if anyone had any insight on what the excuses would be for the unpreformance this week?

Jug, may I call u Jug I’m going to anyway.
Are these the excuses u will give the other team. Ur always making excuses why the other team should have won. Joey with his “if’s”. Logan just bobbing his head. Jeff stuttering out the same stuff his dad told him from the 60’s

I like the name jug. My wood shop and drafting teacher was jugs and was a OSU grad. He also was pictured riding the sirloin stockade bull into Theta Pond (dressed appropriate for strip night)

Unfortunate for u the person I name u after was James Gardners side kick from support ur local gun fighter. Jug job was to shovel horse chit. I thought about Jake he held horse at that special house. But no we know shoveling horse chit is who u r.

Either way, I like it.

What’s your prediction on the game? Will Sanders play?

It is a enlightening about that story. Now I know why u like gundy shirtless.

I dnt see why he won’t. 30 to 15 osu.

30 seems a little high. 10 field goals in one game? We know Sanders can’t score in the red zone.

Three presley returns. That’s only 3 fg.
I’m hoping hale is mentally back. Kickers are a stange lot.

Oh that sounds much better. It’s a shame we don’t have a coach that could improve Sanders or Illingworth but you get what you get.

Shane throw for 315 yard that’s improved. What was his ku line. If Martin could have held on, shane would have had 2 tds.



. “You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity. "


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Chips are like guns. You pull one out and everyone wants to be your friend.


I’m guessing she’ll tell you that she has a headache.

There’s no excuse for this!

Ur rite. No excuse for wins.