Three Burning Questions ahead of Oklahoma State's Matchup against Iowa State

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Regardless of who plays QB, Iowa State is tough to score on.

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Another game that’s going to get U-G-L-Y.


Good defense against the porous defense of Gundy/Mason.

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If Sanders is not 100% I would save him for Bedlam and let either Rangel or Gundy start against ISU. Don’t take a risk on aggravating Sander’s injury. Bedlam is the only thing we have to play for this year, so let’s make the most of it.


I’m wondering if there is anything to the rumors that Sanders is out for the season.

To me, a burning question was whether OSU’s defense could remember how to tackle their opponents.
Didn’t Knowles used to stress fundamentals? What the heck is Derek Mason doing? Last week he came across as completely lost after the Kansas game.

Wouldn’t hurt to get out of the 40’s in recruiting every year.

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Gundy had 5th year guys and the top defensive coach in the country with a 4th year quarterback and stacked receiver group and couldn’t win a conference championship so it’s funny that some people on here still believe that gundy can still be that guy. What would gundy have to have in order to? Just crazy talk and crazy thinking. This guy is an average coach and nothing more. Obviously Baylor’s coach is better and he could still get back to the championship also look at what a new coaching staff has done for tcu not to mention K-stat’s coach he’s pretty new right? Iowa states coach is better if he had the facility’s that gundy had or it’s a wash but seems like he beats gundy more than not. I mean what gives with this guy. Next coach please because he’s just holding us back now.


Love how he gets up there on stage and tells everyone not to panic everything is ok lol. Yea if you are ok with 2 or 3 loses a season with no explanation of winning a championship then he’s right no need to panic everything is going to plan. I’m starting to think he could have Alabama players and still couldn’t win a championship.


Won’t this game decide if we finish in the top half or bottom half of the conference? I truly hope Gundy changes nothing. I hope every Gundy lover get just what they’ve had. In fact I hope Gundy/Dunn/Mason are here another 20 years.

Gundy can still be ‘that guy’ as our head coach. But, ONLY when he enlists the right coordinators! …and gives autonomy, which he has NOT done as of late. When Gundy employed aggressive minded coordinators (holgy/monken), we amazing had enough depth and enough talent and enough… of everything to be competitive even with lower ranked recruiting classes.

Also, to ad nauseum, Derek Mason is NOT the man… worst hire ever of Gundy’s tenure and he has had some pretty bad ones. jmho

GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

How will the Cowboys move the ball without Sanders? The backup QB threw for 300 yards which our 4 year starter has only done once this season I believe. Bigger question is why can’t we score touchdowns once we get inside the 30?
Linebackers are the real story on D and stopping the run, they can’t get off blocks. I haven’t seen any rotation at that spot. Give them a breather let them come over to the sideline get coached up and send them back out.

@reuben I agree with most of what you say. Our backup QB has potential. Turnovers kept us from probably a couple of scores. And yes the whole D doesn’t seem to be able to slide off the blocks when the ball comes their way. Combine that with bad tackling and fatigue, these things are probably interrelated, and you get what we saw last weekend.

Would Hugh Freeze or Matt Ruhl consider coming to Stillwater. I agree Gundy has reached his zenith and it is time to cut bait.

You can most definitely beat ISU without Sanders.

Dnt know if you’ll get this. Whats the attitude in ames this year.
Your line going to be better.
How will you guys replace ross and Hutchinson.