Three Burning Questions for Oklahoma State's Quarterback Group in 2020

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Who backs up Spencer? How much different could the offense look?

"We don’t really change much. "
That’s the reason we’re always 3rd or 4th in the conference.

I watched Costello in spring last year. His passing was as good as the other 2. Not sure why he gets so little commentary. Maybe he is here to learn coaching skills. I think he is a great backup.

I hope Dunn has the Monken attitude. If we get on top keep it going. Don’t let up… I’ve seen some quotes from him that he wants to play fast. Rattay will be good for Sanders

Is there not a juco coming in at qb.

Who ever it is I hope they can throw the deep ball :roll_eyes:

I just hope they let sanders run when ever he wants to and let this season all hang out! Because after this year Grungy is going to be coaching his son For the next 4 years and then retire I hate to say it, and if you think coaches aren’t going to use this against us in recruiting then your fooling yourself.