Three Matchups to Watch for Oklahoma State-Texas Tech

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Why Spencer Sander should have a big game in Lubbock this time around.

So pass the ball instead of going Pat Jones on Tech? That is if we can’t run the ball.

Why do u have to say stupid stuff. Go pat Jones. U do know jones had the best offenses we had ever seen till gundy.

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His average offensive rank in his 10 years at OSU was 50th (Which at that time there were anywhere from 100-110 FBS teams). Not to mention, that he had one year where his team was dead last in the FBS in scoring. So we also got to see the worst offense we ever had under Pat Jones until Gundy.

What I want to know is how lower ranked teams (Iowa, Baylor, WV, Tech, and OU) can figure out a way to beat a 6-5 Iowa State team, and why we can’t?

I thought u were a genius

I thought you said Gundy was an offensive genius?

Joey u saying stuff like this us why people dnt stick up for u.
We are a better team now just like Campbell team is worse.
The difference is gundy found ways to win Campbell isnt

Weird how Riley, Brown, Cumbie, Aranda and Ferentz found a way to beat them.

For a long time I have heard just how great Campbell is. If u can explain how u have chosen a bad coach then u can ask me more stupid questions.

He’s a bad coach that beat Gundy while half the other coaches on Iowa State’s schedule found a way to beat him.

Gundy is 9 and 1

With his only loss coming to Matt Campbell.

A guy who mite get 5th not even 4th. Picked to go to the title game. Campbell is ur golden boy. I’m not the one wondering, u r. Grow up and pick better

Sounds a lot like Gundy last year.

Joey get a dog

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We need some ■■■■ style points!!! This is ugly offense and will be the reason if we do the impossible and beat ou twice that keeps us out of the final 4

Where the hell is Presley? Sanders only has one receiver tonight?

Should’ve at least tried to make it 30-0 we aren’t a blue blood you gotta do that to get some looks