Three Most Likely Options for OSU if Texas, OU Bolt for SEC

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OSU finding another P5 conference is a best-case scenario.

2 & 3 are essentially the same thing.

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The only decent options are a long shot. This sucks.

My guess: Pac 12 or American, most likely American :disappointed_relieved:

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Actually 1 & 3r the same. The third option is rebuild the big 12 to the 16.
Most likely the pac 12 will invite us in if they dnt grow was is stopping usc from going to the big 10.
But they are down or never up so they need to grow.

No, I have it right.

A Big 12 without any blue bloods is a G5 conference. That’s what we will be in if we soldier on under the Big 12 name, or just join the American.

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Any way u cut it we are going to the pac 16.
The only other option would be to rebuild that means stealing from 4 leagues I dnt see that happening.
But if Nebraska and Colorado r tied of there places, then get byu maybe Utah. Sprinkle in some of the best g5. Other then that it’s pac 16.

I can see the Pac 12 deciding that none of the remaining Big 12 teams provide additional value, because the eyeballs we bring are negligible.

The Big 12 is not luring anyone from a P5 conference. Definitely not any of the caliber we would need. There are only like 10 schools that come close to the value of OU and Texas, and they aren’t coming to us.

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If the Big 12 doesn’t completely disband they’re going to merge with the AAC. Essentially making it a G5, which is exactly what Brent said. I don’t know what your point is here.


The Pac12 needs a presence in the central time zone, and they need more exciting football to a wider swath of the country. Adding four B12 schools would do that.

One option that we should seriously consider if no power conferences offer, is to go independent. Scheduling might be problematic–Not many P4/5 schools would want to schedule us, but at least we’d likely have an opportunity to go to the CFP every few years.

Well u two yahoos are bound and determined to be a g5. So the other 3 conference r going to set back and watch sec football.
It’s not all about the playoff more area more money.

Going to the Pac 12 without OU or Texas is similar to Nebraska going to the Big 10 - long term we’d lose our Texas recruiting pipeline, which eventually would lead to mediocre at best football.
Staying grouped with the remaining Big 12 members, adding SMU, Houston, Cincy, BYU, the service academies, etc. is our best option. We continue playing games in the State of Texas, which will keep our recruiting pipeline to the Metroplex in place.

And halve our media money.

That’s certainly what I hope. I just don’t think it’s a slam dunk case.

Adam’s look at the viewership does make me feel better.

We wouldn’t be alone. But we aren’t 10000 miles from Texas, or r we. U mean have usc flying into still would not get a kid from Dallas some what excited.

I’m glad u a on board. I dnot want to be a g5

No one here wants to be G5. We need to join a power conference. AD better be on the phone with the Big 10, ACC, SEC, and PAC 12.

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Adding the schools you listed ensures that we are in a mediocre ‘group of’ conference.

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Final u on board I’ve been a saying that for a say now.
U sure made it sound like u were ready for g5 ball.
Which I know so I thought that’s in line with u.