Three Storylines to Follow in Oklahoma State's Spring Football

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On Alan Bowman, health and Nardo’s defense.

Three Storylines:

  1. No
  2. Spring
  3. Game

Exactly. Quit blaming it on construction and have it at Pioneer Stadium.

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Eons ago, Sooner coach Barry Switzer was told Oklahoma State was returning 20 starters from the previous year’s team.

Switzer replied, “Good.”

Having a bunch of offensive linemen returning from a season where we couldn’t run the ball is not necessarily a good thing. I’m willing to wait and see what the philosophical change will mean, i.e. ridding ourselves of the ballet-dance zone blocking.


On a few occasions this past season, Mike Gundy has mentioned how the Oklahoma State offense is fairly simple to get a grasp of for everyone but quarterbacks. — Yes, and fairly simple for defensive coordinators too when your playbook is only 5 pages.

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When’s the last time we had a spring game, 2010?

Well, I’d happily take what we’ve had the last few years over this 30 minute meet and greet garbage we’re getting this year.

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I agree. Gumby pretty soon is going to wrap dudes in bubble wrap before practices and games at the rate he’s going. Little wonder we can win the trenches. I get preventing injuries but quite a long time between end of spring practice and practices in the summer.

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Should be sufficient enough for the administration to give him a contract extension and big pay increase.

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You’re quite the optimist, I got 4-8 but need to look at the schedule closer…I know it’s pretty easy compared to what was possible!

Up to 8.5 million w/ the annual $1 mill retaining bonus? :joy: :joy: :joy:

No Texas, Baylor, TCU, or Texas Tech. That’s why I would take 7-5 into account. To be quite honest with next season’s schedule we really shouldn’t be any worse than 9-3. Then again I don’t trust our coaching staff fully either.

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I actually revised my prediction to 7-5, lol. We play like we did against UCA and I’m gonna go back to my original prediction, when I didn’t know the schedule. :joy_cat:

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