Three Takeaways from Amazon's 'Bye Bye Barry'

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On Sanders’ retirement, a funny Eminem quote and some small world moments.

Not sure many remember and Barry didn’t say it but Barry wanted to be traded to a contender his last 2-3 years. The Lions wanted a franchise for him, wouldn’t try to accommodate Barry so he just retired. I’ve been pissed at Detroit since
Barry wil always be the GOAT to me
The definition of humble


Yeah, I feel the same way. I’ve always been sad/mad about the way Detroit refused to build a really competitive team around him. Em is right: If Barry Sanders (GOAT), had played for the Cowboys at that time?! Or the Broncos or Packers?! Can you imagine what his numbers could’ve been?!

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Old enough to remember Gale Sayers (post knee surgery) and all that came after…
Barry Sanders is still the greatest back with the ball in his hands I’ve ever seen.

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Documentary was a 10/10. Left some to be desired, but so did Barry. Was exceptionally well done. As someone born in ‘89 I knew Barry as a player, but really hadn’t seen his personality and knew nothing about his dad. Seeing him with his sons was really cool.