Three Takeaways from OKC Dave’s 2022 Fan Survey

Originally published at: Three Takeaways from OKC Dave’s 2022 Fan Survey | Pistols Firing

The results are in!

I don’t disagree. When I was in college basketball was king, but by the time I graduated, it was definitely waning. I am still optimistic that it can come back, but my confidence in Boyton is slipping a little. He’s shown the ability to land some talent but I am just not sure that the game plan is working. If we can stay in the top 3 or 4 teams in the conference every year and make a deep tournament run every now and then, I’ll be happy with that.

I want to be wrong here, so I’m definitely pulling for Boyton and the boys to have a great year.

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Boyton needs to start showing some results (winning) or his seat is going to get hot.

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He needs to chuck that offense he runs. I would call it a name i guess last man shoot the ball offense.

Yea agree with TayJ and jarrod. I really like Coach Boyton and want to see him succeed. I know that he has had a lot of things go south that were out of his control up to now. However that seems all in the past now and the clock is ticking on showing what he can do.

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I am under-impressed with Boynton’s recruiting, with the exception of Cade.
The defense looks good but not so much the offense. Hard to have a good offense when you have mediocre shooters and no legit 3-point shooter.
I think Boynton’s personality could have started to bring in some better players but then NIL came to college and so now it would be even more difficult for Boynton to get higher level talent.
A good career path for Boynton would be to use his recruiting skills at a school that has lots of NIL money to buy good players. He should go back to doing what he did best. Assistant coach who can recruit. I think he leaves town in a few years.

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It should be already, but we just signed a huge extension for some reason?

I’d like to thank the 9 other people who said Jason Keep who almost got him in the top 10 non-stars. Also a shoutout to the guy who said Dwayne Levels as best non-star in football. I wanted to say him for the mention, but went with my real feelings and said Josh Cooper.

Call out for the four people who said Rashaun Woods. Not a star? He still holds college records, got drafted, and was our best player.