Three Things Dave Aranda Said Entering the Big 12 Championship Game

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On the OU opening, Broyles finalists and a rematch against the Pokes.

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I don’t like Baylor and their recent past but I like Aranda and the man can coach.


One thing people look at how great Baylor did this year.
They have players. I think people miss how poorly Baylor did last year be it new coach or virus.

They had a walking concussion at QB last year. I’m sure that was part of it.

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The fact they ran for 90 yards did play a fact.
They have increased the run 130 yards.
3 losses within 1 score
3 loses within 2 score.
Then our game.
They were hit hard by the virus. With minimal players they played everyone close.
Without the virus I’m sure the would have been better.
Just like us the line would have been different.
We would have the 2 lm that were kicked off won’t have played tulsa rite off. Sanders and the 2 lm injuries won’t have happen.

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