Three Things to Watch When Oklahoma State Wrestles No. 11 Minnesota

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Previewing OSU’s road trip to Minneapolis.

Great news that Carter Young probably will be wrestling. John Smith realized 141 and 149 are weights that needed to be strengthened, so this is no surprise. It was obvious in the recent interview with John Smith that he is frustrated with inconsistency from Gfeller. Going to have to use the DVR for this match since it’s same time as OSU football. I remember all those Saturday night duals we had in Gallagher Hall in the 1960’s. I so prefer that atmosphere to the current trend of Sunday afternoon matches. Luke Surber will have one goal, try not to get pinned. But I think he is going to try to shoot on Gabe. We just hope the dual will not be determined by the outcome of the 285 match.

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Seth - is Jordan Williams on campus? Isn’t he the heir apparent to wrestle at 149? How about Vonovich or Mastrogiavanni or Teague Travis moving up to 149 to challenge Gfeller. One other question at 184. Did Kyle Hass and Montalvo challenge for that weight.

Appreciate your continued great coverage of the wrestling program. Go Pokes!!

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I would love to see Taco wrestle but not with his banged up knee in a brace. How effective can he really be after electing not to get surgery?
I sure thought we might see Vonovich this season but in this week’s interview coach Smith said something like we should not expect to see any other freshmen in the lineup this season. I guess Carter Young would be an exception to that statement. My own take on this is that Coach Smith is close to reaching his frustration tolerance limit with Gfeller, and if Gfeller does not improve really soon, we might see someone else at 149. I think the coach said something that it could be a weight problem with Gfeller at this point. I guess he has been running out of gas.

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Hey Seth,
Can you ask the guys who run PFB podcast if they can arrange to get John Smith on a podcast and that you be one of the guys on that podcast since neither of the guys who do the podcast are that familiar with wrestling?
Wrestling team deserves more coverage and recognition during the season. And does John Smith still have his weekly radio show, if so, what night and time is it on?