Three Things to Watch When OSU Wrestles Stanford

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Get prepped for the Cowboys’ season-opener.

A lot of hard work been done by hones and Harris still we want the best.

Carter Young needs to be in the lineup if he won the wrestle off. Forget about redshirt.
Hone makes a good backup in case of injury.
Surber must be pretty good if he could beat Harris. I wonder how muck Luke weighs now? We need a legit heavywt for points.
I guess this dual is not on espn+ since it is not a home match?

I’m with u on hone.
Harris has gotten better every year. If surgery beat him then it’s good too. Just harris has been our lil step child​:thinking::thinking::thinking::hugs::hugs::hugs::rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent::innocent::innocent:

I know Jordan Williams comes in as great prospect at 149. Did Gfeller beat him? Also. A lot of guys at 141 who are all top notch…Carter Young already mentioned, Travis Mastrogiovanni, Teague Travis. All are either better or have better upside than Dusty. But Dusty is coming back for his 5th year…gotta love that!
Surber is just to talented to stay out of the lineup…I though him or AJ would would bump up to Heavy Weight. So I guess Dakota Geer beat Montalvo and Kyle Hass at 184? That would be a little surprising.
Jordan Williams is another who is just to talented to keep out of the line-up either at 149 or 157.

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Not surprised that Geer beat the rest of the guys at 184. Taco is still wrestling with an injured knee that he refused surgery for so I doubt that we will see him on the mat. Too bad because he seems like he has the most aggressive style of wrestling on the team but really handicapped with that bum knee and leg brace. I always enjoyed watching him wrestle before his injury. Lot of depth on this team so I hope they go to some open tournaments so we can see how the talented non-starters perform.

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