Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman to Call Saturday's OSU-Kansas Game

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OSU enters the game as a 30.5 point favorite.

I’m really surprised this game isn’t on ESPN+. I’m actually surprised it’s even on tv at all.

Yea they it seems they put mid test teams on it for viewers than a game nobody wants to watch. But hey this is going to be another nail biter smh.

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Mid tier teams sorry

Mid tier r u talking about the ksu tcu game .
Even Joey thinks we’re going 9 and 3 that’s a top 3 finish. By all accounts ku is not winning any thats bottom.
U may get away with saying stupid chit at home but were not ur mom.

As Gundy would say “I expect it to be a 4th quarter game” because God forbid we ever create another team again that can win by 15+ points.

I know it’s great to make the other teams feel good.

Yep….nothing like giving other teams momentum, and actually giving them confidence that they might be able to win the game.

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Gundy is a nice guy, he has his 6 wins. He just trying to help the conference

He needs to stop being so nice, but I’m sure he’ll become nicer when Cincy, Houston, BYU, and UCF come to the conference.

Got to welcome in New members

Dnt worry if Texas leaves next year we did send them away with fond memories

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I figured out how riley can win big have t h e other school fire their coach

From what I’ve seen he doesn’t need OSU to fire Gundy.

I’m glad ou loosen ku up for us

Yeah me too. Don’t know if I could’ve handled another single digit 4th quarter game.