Titanic, Tennessee and gundy?

With the Tennessee coach putting his foot in his month, he is most likely gone. Do you feel like we are in for another off season of Gundy to Tennessee rumors. They were after him twice already and probably still on their short list.

No, Gundy got his lifetime contract and has the backing (for the most part) of its entire fan base. Why would he want garage fire of a program where they expect to win immediately and the fan base turned on the coach quickly, there’s a reason the last times they looked for a coach the first 2 or 3 options passed. He also likes to watch gunner play and won’t be able to if he’s in Knoxville. Final thought, couldn’t imagine having to work with Fulmer breathing down HC’s neck, that would be awful.

But what if he viewed that as a chance for Gunner to prove himself by bringing Tennessee back to relevance? I could see that happening.

This seems like a reach…


UT won’t risk getting burned for the third time by the same coach in less than 10 years

When it comes to stupid I would not put anything past them.


It would be the 4th time he’s turned them down. I’m sure they’ll call and he will leverage that call for more money though.

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What did the Tenn coach say to get himself in trouble?

I think ‘Titanic’ came out maybe when I was in college," Pruitt said to the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday. "When the boat starts going down, remember all those mice running to the top, right? We have had a few that’s left our program, but you will figure out who wants to be a Tennessee Vol and who don’t.

Ah, so his mis-usage of “don’t” instead of “doesn’t”, at the end, is what got him in hot water.


I think it is more that everyone that stayed on the Titanic died. Only the rats that got off survived.

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